“Todos los mundos son uno sólo
todo esta hecho de lo mismo:
los dioses, los espíritus, las estrellas,
las plantas, las piedras, las gentes.
Todo cambia y se mueve
pero no se muere;
nuestro espíritu es como un árbol:
nace, crece y da semillas.
Nunca terminamos de vivir
porque sólo cambia la cáscara de la semilla.”

Epigrama Mapuche

On august 1st, 2017, Santiago Maldonado a.k.a el Brujo, was taken by argentinian police after a very violent attempt at evicting lands occupied by mapuche community, who have been fighting since 2015 to reclaim territory taken by italian businessman Luciano Bennetton.
This was the last time anyone saw him, until yesterday (Oct. 17) where his body was found only 300 meters from where he was last seen, tangled in the roots of a tree growing in the Chubut, a river that crosses the territory.
It seems clear to us that most likely his body was placed there by those that killed him, the argentinian police, since the area had already been searched at least three times, and also because of how unlikely it is for a body to travel 300 meters upstream.

Members of the community saw them take Santiago into a police car. He did not drown there. The argentinian police are one of the most corrupt ones on this side of the world. They will not hesitate when shooting the communities to defend the interests of “powerful”, rich people.
They will not hesitate to kill and dissapear anyone to silence those who scream the truth.
But the people are not afraid. They would rather be taken out dead than submit to those who don’t care about the land. They will continue to fight just like they have been doing for centuries. They will continue to make use of any means of self defense against the bullets of the oppressors. They are not afraid and they will not back down.

Brujo, now we know with certainty that we will never hear your voice make bad jokes again, that we will never again share warm mate in the kitchen and that your eyes will never again see the beauty of the struggle to reclaim the land. As horrifying as this is, if it’s your body they found, at least we won’t stay awake at night wondering if they are still torturing you.

“When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money”

Marichiwew pu peñi pu lamgen!
Ten times we will overcome!

No one is forgotten, nothing is forgiven