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(Not a confession) In response to the confession about Chrom automatically marrying Sumia, that's actually not true... If Chrom doesn't have an S rank with any of the compatible partners, then he marries whomever has the highest rank/hearts. So if you don't want Chrom to marry Sumia, make sure he has more hearts with Sully, Maribelle, or Olivia before clearing Chapter 11. Also if you want him to marry Olivia he can't have any hearts with any other female. Only her. (Lissa is the exception)

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✿ //for Maribelle, from Libra || also Hi this is the Mun of the Gerome blog you interact with. I made a multi muse blog.

[ :0 oh hi!!!]

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“Libra! What a wonderful surprise! Did you make this?”

FeMU x Cherche S Support (+ A Little Info)

I normally wouldn’t post something that’s mostly a copy/paste job in full, but I made slightly more changes than usual on this one and my buddy @hbreckel really loves Cherche, so I thought I may as well. Thanks so much to
Rambon99 on Serenes Forest for taking it upon themselves to code pretty much all of the 1st gen F!Robin gay S Supports! For people who are wondering, the copy/paste S supports that will be included in the next update are ones with Gaius, Lissa, Maribelle, Miriel, Panne, Olivia, Tharja, and of course Cherche. 

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