I wanna rant.

I wanna rant,

But I can’t,

In fear of being called heartless,

But I know that I am not,

To a certain point,

I’ll prove you wrong,

So long,

My friend, I wish you the best,

Because the best, never ends.

I’m in a state of apology, 

For you did not mean to me what I meant to you,

Oh well, there are more fish in the sea,

and some without kidneys.

I have no heart today, but tomorrow,

I’ll feel the sorrow.

I wish you a goodnight, because that I can give,

from the deepest, depths, of my internal being.

Rant #6

Even though you’re what I adore,

I’ll have you know,


I’m willing to let you go.

There are a lot of things for you to see,

and maybe just maybe,

one day you’ll remember me.

That’s all I ask,

you to not forget,

all the time we’ve spent,

all the silly little things we’d do and say,

I’m at dismay.

The harder the rock,

the thicker the soul,

you are mine,

no more.

Rant #3

I did it to you,

cause you did it to me,

my heart is broke,

but is anyone really free?

I miss you more than Christmas,

and certainly Halloween.

I would like peace between us,

because wars never end so healthy.

I do forgive you,

even though I’m at fault too.

I’m sorry the word “don’t” was so cruel to you.

I’m sorry for never thinking I was good enough,

maybe this is true,

maybe it is not,

I’m sorry from the bottom and through the deep depths of my heart.

In thee end all that matter is that you’re happy,

because there’s only one life to live,

but don’t live it so snappy.