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The Vampire and His Huntress - Their Deal

He’s been visiting her once every turn of the moon. Sometimes he’s gracious, and he knocks on her front door. Other times, when his thirst drives him from courtesy, he looms at her window like a salivating hound. 

Of course she lets him in, what choice does she have?

Their deal is as such: harm no one, and he shall have her willing blood whenever he thirsts. This way he does not have to fuss over hunting his prey, and she will not have to fuss over hunting him. At first, the deal is created to protect Dawn from his grasps. He even once confesses that Dawn’s blood is exceptionally spirited, which is very valuable in turning a mortal into a vampire.

“But your sacrifice,” the immortal himself starts with a sly grin, “there is no other such delicacy that can compare to it.”

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*I let out an inhumane screech as I’m dragged into another fandom against my will and feel myself geTTING FEELS FOR THIS AMAZING SHIP—WHY HAVENT I SEEN THIS MOVIE SOONER???*

Okay, that aside; I saw Strange Magic for the first time a couple days ago and I FELL IN LOVE!!!  SUCH A GOOD UNDERRATED MOVIE!!!  So here are all my doodles for it so far, hehehe.   

Srsly, these babies are so awkward and adorable and *short circuits from the feels*

The Human AU sketch was drawn during my morning class today (mostly to keep me awake). I wasn’t looking at any references and I know I messed up Marianne, but even so I’m happy with it :D

(Oh, in case you can’t read what Roland is saying, it’s just the little scene where he’s making fun of Bog and imitating cockroach noises. Hence Bog’s reaction XDD) 


Strange Magic Modern Day Fancast

Fairy King-Derek Jacobi

Fairy Queen - Charlize Theron

Marianne - Kristen Stewart

Dawn - Elle Fanning

Roland - Alex Pettyfer

Bog King - Adrian Brody

A Merry Christmas gift For @suzie-guru
@joons @artbymaureen  @thatchickwiththeheadphones and @dainesanddaffodils

  • Rock: "Mom, dad? Can I ask you guys a question?"
  • Bog: "Sure, son. Ye can ask us anythin'."
  • Marianne: "What's on your mind, Tough Guy?"
  • Rock: "Which one of you is the strongest?"
  • Bog & Marianne: "..."
  • Rock: "..."
  • Bog & Marianne: *look at each other*
  • Rock: ???
  • Bog & Marianne: *slowly grin and draw their weapons*
  • Stuff & Thang: "Take cover!!!"
  • Bog & Marianne: ♪~I'M COMIN' STRAIGHT ON FOR YOOOUUU~♫
  • Rock: "Gah! Forget I asked!"

marianne as the goblin queen

    • i drew this last night on a whim
    • i remember seeing a lot of awesome versions of goblin marianne, so please consider this inspired by all of them
    • EDIT: a fairy bog to go with this >:)

We go where no one goes

We slow for no one

Get out of our way”-x, x

ENFP and INFP characters (part 1, because tumblr sucks.xD (part 2)) for the amazing @gakuenkaoru.:3 Ne-explanation: Listen to the song and imagine the lyrics to be about our Ne (and Fi).x3 We go where no one goes in our minds, sometimes so fast that no one can follow.xD But no one can stop us, and we know that we always have a home there.:)

Anne and Paul both knew “How fair the realm, Imagination opens to view”, and both knew the way to that happy land. There the rose of joy bloomed immortal by dale and stream; clouds never darkened the sunny sky; sweet bells never jangled out of tune; and kindred spirits abounded. The knowledge of that land’s geography…“east o’ the sun, west o’ the moon”…is priceless lore, not to be bought in any market place.“-Anne of Avonlea

So thank you, my dear, for our wonderful trips above the clouds, to Neverworld and beyond, for always supporting me with your truly kind and compassionate words, and brightening my life with your presence.:’3<3<3<3 And special thanks for your heart-warming and highly detailed comments/tags (you know what the xNFP-heart desires.xD) on my personal posts, making me feel heard and appreciated.:’)<3<3<3

Hunting headcanon...

Whenever Marianne goes on a hunt with the goblins, she and Bog always end up arguing over which one of them took the kill-shot.  And the goblins are just standing in the background like: 

“…Um, how long are they gonna keep this up?  The meat’s gonna spoil.  Can’t they flirt in private?  You say something.  No, you!  No, YOU!…”
The Curse of the Dark Forest - Chapter 5 - levele3 - Strange Magic (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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Captain Bog King has been looking for a way to get his beloved ship, The Dark Forest, back in his hands for years. Now that it’s fearsome Captain, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Scales has taken a Governor’s daughter hostage it seems like the perfect time to strike. Bog has found his (not ideal) crew in a naïve blacksmith, a mute boy, and a feisty run-away bride he may just be falling for.