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Something I really, really love about Strange Magic is what it does with the Beauty and the Beast trope:  

It’s not about ‘beauty’ changing the ‘beast’, it’s about healing him, AND vice versa; about (intentionally or not) soothing each other’s still painful scars, and accepting them.  They’re both the ‘beauty’ and the ‘beast’.  They’re both truly kind and compassionate, they’ve both been hurt, and they’re both different from the rest. 

Morning, here’s some sketches from last night, ready to be coloured today, unless I get distracted.

Oh, you seem angry, who fell through your ceiling and challenged you to a punch up?

Hope you paid for that ceiling, Marianne. Have you TRIED getting a glazier out to the Dark Forest? (Heavy pencils on her left eye there, will have to try and fudge that with colour, oh joy.)

What even is the Sugar Plum Fairy, apart from an amoral delight? I love her, and I love to draw her ears.

Look at this tiny stick of dynamite that I adore. I have two entirely unsupported head canons here: one, that Sunny becomes a really skilled dragonfly rider/pilot (also handy as it helps him keep up with Dawn), and second, that he is some kind of McGyver, always able to create something out of whatever happens to be lying around. I really like the idea of any small characters finding human objects and adapting them for their own use, and I have some SM ideas about that, but they will have to wait. Anyway, Sunny’s really good at it, don’t ask me why, I have nothing to support it.

I deeply love Dawn, she is a tiny ray of sunshine. I love her relationship with Marianne and I love that she starts the ‘Tell Him’ song at the end, because she knows her sister well enough that she’s never going to do anything about it without musical prompting. I find she’s difficult to draw without making her look like a blonde Marianne, though, but I’ve drawn her the least so far.


Strange Magic week monday’s theme “Fairy Tales”. I obviously went with the tale Little Mermaid, but in the end I couldn’t think of any story. Instead I just drew how I imagined Marianne and Bog would look like as merfolk. Bog’s design is based on a lobster and Marianne’s on square anthias fish.

Unfortunately I don’t think I’m quick enough to draw a picture of every theme. =__=

Just when did they fall in love?

I know everyone loves the duet-duel between Marianne and Bog; that’s certainly when Griselda started shipping them! But I don’t think that was the tipping point for those two …

I think the fight was when they started respecting each other, certainly, and I think some affection sparked as well.

During the ‘dinner’ scene, tearing apart the decorations, they officially became friends.

When Marianne learned about That Fateful Day, and told Bog about The Guy, that was when they became close friends, demonstrated when Bog handed Marianne back her sword and she got that surprised little smile as he walked away.

When Bog saw Marianne’s wings in the moonlight, it occurred to him that he might be attracted to her.

She started being attracted to him, if not before, than during his “the moonlight is … perfect, right now” line.

When he caught her as she tripped but didn’t make a big deal out of it, Marianne fell in love. That’s why the singing starts then.

Bog fell in love while they were looking at the centipede, and he saw how entranced Marianne was with the forest.

That’s another reason the moment in the thorn bush is so significant. They’re both taking a chance on love again.

He reached out to her, trusting her not to reject him.

She took his hand, trusting him not to betray her.


Two characters for @ohmdo‘s Strangers, both lucky to be alive – and unlucky all the same

Chiron is a surgeon with chronic hand tremors only liquor and working himself to the bone can still. He has the bedside manner of a glass of sour milk and handful of regrets branded in his head. Sometimes he misses the outside

Marianne is a blind girl who can see better than most. She’s lived through more than she should have, and will keep doing so. There’s a man out there in the Wastes whistling, and she’ll have his blood on her hands eventually


scaly backed cockroach

Things I Want: Mundane and Casual in Strange Magic



But can someone please give me mundane Bog and Marianne?

You know. Where they just… are? 

Bog and Marianne yawning in the morning, looking tired and disheveled and not really interested in anything but moaning and groaning about mornings and how fucking awful they are

Bog and Marianne polishing their weapons, gossiping about people who suck.

Bog and Marianne eating lunch on a branch and spilling stuff all over their laps and getting their fingers covered and generally not caring about looking neat at all. 

Bog and Marianne who take non-sexualized baths and just sort of sit in the water together like yo, what’s up my sud bud 

Bog and Marianne who exchange non-passionate kisses. Those sort of you’re-my-partner-so-here’s-a-kiss sort of kiss. The ones that aren’t really deep or soul crushing or toe-curling. Just a little “mwah” before they go out. One leaning in while the other talks and interrupts them with a peck on the lips. That sort of kiss.

Bog and Marianne who hold hands while they walk and swing their arms back and forth, pointing shit out. 

Bog and Marianne who read books in silence. 

Bog and Marianne who are too hot to hold one another at night because holy fuck summer sucks 

Bog and Marianne who accidentally kick one another in their sleep and wake up to grouch. 

Bog and Marianne who don’t feel like pointing out gorgeous and stunning. Who don’t really feel like they need to be attractive in front of the other. Who hold up sacks instead of dresses and say “is this okay for the party?” while the other just sort of nods and say “yeah it’s fine”

Bog and Marianne who take little breaks for vocal adoration and instead spend time in the mundane. 


That’s all I want. 

Mundane and casual Bog and Marianne. 

Bug!Au FrUk England X Fem!France Part 3

If you want to read Part 1 and Part 2, go here! ^^

The strong hit that Arthur gave to that frog caused him to fall in the stream. But, that caused splashing too, a big splash of water got Marianne, she tried to cover herself but that didn’t save her from get completely wet. Everybody knows… Water and Bugs doesn’t get along very well!

“Aaaah!” Marianne screams when the water got her

“Marianne!” Arthur called her very alarmed. Indeed, Water and Bugs doesn’t get along, her wings got completely soaked, She can’t fly right now and the frog got up really upset! He was looking at Marianne, ready to give another chance and eat his prey. Arthur noticed this inmediately

Arthur was really brave, he manage to catch Marianne before that frog and then he flew away from the stream. Poor Frog…he just wanted to eat his dinner!

During the flight, Arthur could feel Marianne shivering, he was concerned about her state.  He landed in the mushroom’s fields, placing Marianne carefully on top of a large Shittake Mushroom and he started to check her carefully 

“Are you alright?” Arthur asked, he was truly worried… Marianne was shocked and really cold

“I-I’m freezing!” She said, Marianne was a mess right now. She’s a Diurnal bug, she was used to the warm feeling of the sun.

“Wait there! I will help you to get dry” Arthur said as he got a leaf. The leaf will help Marianne to keep her warm at least a little bit

“There…” Arthur was really careful, he grapped Marianne with leaf, moving his hands slowly, not being harsh.

“This will keep your warm…”

Marianne watches his long and hairy Moth’s hands and then she looked up at him.

Everything around them was quiet, the moon was bright that night but… they didn’t said anything else, they just watched each other but… Arthur noticed about this and blushed hardly….What was happening?

“Arthur?…” Marianne asked as he moved a hand up to cup Arthur’s cheek and Arthur flinched by her touch.

What was happening??

Arthur just couldn’t let her continue. He moved his head to stop her touch.
What he was doing? Ïn front of him was the one who teased him so badly when he was just a silly caterpillar!

Arthur gave Marianne a sharp glare and turns around rudely but….
he was crestfallen 



No… that’s not the issue. It was clear, the problem wasn’t about their past, the real reason about Arthur was… his reality.
Arthur watched his own hands, they were big, long, hairy… he felt the tiny and soft hand of Marianne touching his arm. They were so differents. He didn’t felt beautiful, he didn’t felt how he always dreamed… he wasn’t a beatiful butterfly like Marianne, he was just an ugly moth.

Arthur knew Marianne was watching him with concern…and this wasn’t going to end good     

“Geez…” arthur huffed as he turns around to face Marianne. This wasn’t going to be easy but he didn’t have another option.
Marianne looked at him carefully and worried…. what’s going on?

But Arthur finally looked at her with a sarp and serious glare…

“It was foolish from you to come here at night…it was a big mistake”

Marianne’s heart stopped and she looked shocked at Arthur…


TO “BEE” continue

Thank you so much for the supporting! how I said before, I’m not the best artist or writter, I just want to share with you my story so please take your time to read it and like it or reblog it! I will appreciate it!

EXTRA doodles

Concepts of Feliciano’s brothers, Ludwig and a bit of  Lovino x the queen wasp.

How you can see, The italian brothers are different from all the other bees, talking about their faces. Generic bees would have very simple faces. Feliciano in other hand will have a really cute face and he’s smol. Romano as a very tough face, he’s shortie but his body is buff, absolutely not cute. Marcello (Seborga) is the tallest bee. All bees (Excluding the queen bee and the regent) are small but Marcello is -small- but taller than the other bees, he would become a regent bee in a future, he took his future really seriously and he’s trying to find his future queen bee.

a look of Ludwig, he is a wasp, a very strong  big one. Wasps are totally different from bees and natural enemies

Lovino flirting with the Queen Wasp…

SOME KISSES (they are not part of the main story…yet. I was just practicing drawing people kissing each other) but still… gerita kiss xD

anonymous asked:

The three best lessons you ever learned and that you are most grateful for.

Oh jeez, this is hard! I’ll try:

1. All that matters is how I treat people, including myself. My favorite quote is: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Marianne Williamson. If I’m not kind to people, what’s the point? I don’t want the way I live to add to someone else’s burdens, and I don’t see the value in a life in which my happiness is the only one I truly care about. It’s made all the difference. An act of kindness that doesn’t cost me much could mean the world to someone. 

2. Those wounds that ran deep and thought I’d never recover from did eventually heal and I was able to move on. Even evolve into happier than before. Knowing this helps me keep going during my darkest days because I’ve made it through a lot and I can live through much more. I’ve been shattered and pieced myself back together, and each time it’s made me stronger. 

3. I can only be me. I can’t be anyone else, have anyone else’s body, or have anyone else’s life. I am me with all my gifts and flaws. Each person has a unique message for the world and it’s our job to express it. I owe it to myself to explore all facets of myself and interests. Nothing is off limits. 

Thanks for the question :)

Strange Magic FanFic Prompt!

So I’m not sure if anyone in the Strange Magic fandom is taking prompts, but I’ve been hit with a heck of one. I would write it myself, but I want to see what you guys would do with it!

Persephone/Hades AU:

When Dawn accidentally consumes the food of the Dark Forest, the Laws of the Forest are archaic but strong - she now belongs to that dark world and at the court of the Bog King. In desperation and knowing Dawn wouldn’t survive in such a place, Marianne rashly volunteers to take her sister’s place. But the price is not the one she expects. She is not to be the Bog King’s captive. 

She is to be his Queen. 

(Excerpt to kickstart some inspiration!) 

He glared from his vantage point on his throne, a grimace twisting his face. He supposed the creature in front of him was lovely by Fairy standards, but with her poison-bright eyes and a snarl in her throat, her small form in a taut line of anger, she resembled none of the sun-soaked creatures he and his subjects shunned. 

“This,” he gestured at her, a growl to his already rough voice, “is the Eldest Princess of the Fairy Kingdom?”

“Yes.” Her lips lifted in a smirk.“And you’re a scaly-backed cockroach. Charmed.”