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Canadians dominate short track speedskating World Cup

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Canadians dominate short track speedskating World Cup

Canadian skaters won three of four events with Marianne St-Gelais, Kim Boutin and Charles Hamelin all victorious at Saturday’s short track speedskating World Cup. St-Gelais defeated Dutch skater Suzanne Schulting to win her first women’s 1000 of the season, while Canadian teammate Valerie Maltais was third. Choi Min-jeong of South Korea still leads the overall standings despite not racing.

Thibaut Fauconnet of France edged Hwang Dae-heon of South Korea in a photo finish to win his first 1000 of the season in the men’s race, with Hungary’s Shaoang Liu taking the overall lead. Boutin won the women’s 1500 for her first career World Cup win in the distance, while Hamelin claimed the men’s 1500.


Charles: We didn’t plan to redo what we did in Vancouver with a kiss on the boards because we didn’t know what to expect from the Russian rules and if she’d be able to get down. All these great moments I want to have them with her because she’s the love of my life.

Marianne: Honestly, that was just so spontaneous. Like for a moment, I thought it was just Charles and I in the Pacific Coliseum. I forgot about the 14,000 people. It was really a good moment and we think about it again and we get tears coming to our eyes again, so it’s really like a good moment for us. But ya, we didn’t expect it. Sometimes people just recognize me because of the kiss and not because I’m a silver medallist in the Vancouver Games, so people remember that moment. That was us. I’m spontaneous, I’m always running with someone or something to some place, and I just saw Charles pointing at me, and I was done. It was just him and I and it was a really, really good moment for us. He was there my first step on the national team when I was 17 years old and I need him. Honestly, I can’t imagine not being with Charles around me at competition and training. Yes, we’re always together and that sounds scary maybe for some people, but I need him. I need him everywhere and I need him with me all the time. And he helps me. We know exactly the same things. We have the same feelings, the same fears, we have the same emotion in skating, so I need him and Charles is a good man, he’s a good skater, he has a lot of experience, so he could teach me a lot of things.