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For @dainesanddaffodils who mentioned that “human Marianne in well-tailored suits would have just as devastating effect on Bog as Marianne in a fancy dress.”

And a special bonus panel for @mimi-and-the-diamonds, cos of what you said:


animated characters in modern world aesthetics  ↪ (1/?) Marianne Fay

Face Claim: Lily Collins


Marianne wearing some of the dresses she wears in the latest chapter of Between the Shadow and the Soul, and generally being a stunningly beautiful Fairy Queen and bewitching a certain Bog King. Dear God, can you blame him for being such a smitten nerd? 

I absolutely adore the maple leaf dress she has here - I’m both outrageously pleased with how it turned out, and I desperately want to wear it. I also finally figured out the best way to color her wings! I love the soft iridescence and shimmering changes of color the movie gives us, and I feel like primsacolor pencils capture that so much more than primsamarkers.  

God, she is just hands down the prettiest.  


Ok so here is my finished drawing interpretation of the dress from fanfic “"Between the Shadow and the Soul” that Marianne wears to the Fairy Festivle. I know other people have already drawn their versions but I really wanted to take a wack at it even if theirs are WAAAY better.

(Ps hey I was with my grandma cat-sitting my aunts cats and she asked about the drawing and I told her it was from your story and how the scene and the dress you described inspired it and she really liked it. And my grandma is a Stranger she loves Marianne)

“Wise men say…”

Watched Strange Magic for the umpteenth time last night with my roomie who is also a big Strange Magic fan. It is so nice watching it with someone who will swoon with you at all the appropriate parts.

Anyways, started drawing Marianne in her wedding dress from the beginning of the movie. Had a hard time finding good reference, so I made up the bottom of the dress. I love the idea of fairy dresses being made from petals.


this is all kelarks fault she’s a horrible enabler.

So picture this: regency era au where Dawn and Bog are in an arranged marriage that their parents organized and they both hate it but then bog gets a crush on her older sister and Dawn runs off with Sunny the stable boy and there’s shenanigans, hijinx and awkward courting to be had but they end up living happily ever after the end.

just an excuse to draw bog in regency era clothing sweating over marianne in a dress… mmmmh

Arthur: You really don’t have to do that. They CAN dress themselves…

Marianne: But they dress themselves like you dress yourself QnQ It’s all your fault that they have no sense of style!

Arthur: =_=; … N-no sense of style…