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Remember how Rumple once asked David for romantic advice (like waaay back); I am just imagining him doing that to Bog. ("You and Marianne - how does it... work?")

HA! Gosh, and Bog stutters out “Ah…Ah don’ know…?” 


But can we also agree that Bog could also easily know just what to say, given that he and Rumple are pretty much two peas in a pod? I can just picture him leaving back into his throne and cracking his neck before he starts. 

“First of all, respect her. If she faced you at your worst, you damn well owe it to her to be your best. So respect her - her intelligence, her independence, her ferocity…everything.” He points a claw at the Dark One, blue eyes serious. “That includes her love for you. Respect it by giving yours to her just as selflessly…”

The King of the Dark Forest pauses before continuing on, “…and by loving yourself. That will be the most difficult bit, believe me. But…if someone so magnificent, so…beautiful…can love a beast such as m–” He stops, then waves a claw between him and the Dark One, “–well, like us, then perhaps…perhaps there’s something there after all. Something still deserving of love, wretched and wonderful as that strange magic is.” 

He then snorts, a smirk slanting across his face. “Which also goes back to their intelligence. Marianne is fond of pointing out women are naturally perceptive and that self loathing renders one quite blind and totally stupid.” 

Rumple sighs, dropping the cackling façade of the Dark One as he wearily leans  against the wall of the Castle. “Strange magic…all magic comes with a price, Your Majesty.” 

The Bog King’s smile now shows his fangs, but his eyes are sincere. “It’s one I’m willing to pay if it renders me worthy of her.” 

Rumple ducks his head, hair hanging in front of his eyes. He flexes his fingers, the temptation to summon up a spell that will deflect such introspection itching through the tendons, before dropping his hand to his side and whispering his confession to the floor. “As am I.”  

The new midlife is where you realize that even your failures make you more beautiful and are turned spiritually into success if you became a better person because of them. You became a more humble person. You became a more merciful and compassionate person.
—  Marianne Williamson
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This was supposed to be a short story, inspired by this GIF from the show Gargoyles.
But me and short don’t get along that well, so this became double the length I wanted it and I put it into the A World together timeline. This one should be the second one when we follow the order I have in mind.
In the end I just hope it isn’t such a mess as it feels like for me, I’ve thrown around ideas like wild on how to write this. xD

Thanks to @dancesonmoonlight for Beta-Reading

It was a late spring afternoon in the Dark Forest. It was getting warmer every day, so the residents of the kingdom preferred to stay hidden under the cool canopies and bushes of the forest. Some of those residents included the King of said forest and his Fairy love, the Crown Princess of the Light Fields.

Bog and Marianne had taken a little break from their tour through some new parts of the Dark Forest - at least new for Marianne - and waited for the setting sun to see the glowing wonders of this area. Their shelter was a little hole under the roots of a tree, a very secluded place compared to the rest of the forest. Currently, they were absorbed in a joyful mix of playing tag and a tickle fight. The hole was big enough to crawl around, so they tried to snatch the other and tickle them until they escaped or surrendered. 

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Rule: Answer the questions below with words starting with the first letter of your name.

  • Name: Mariana.
  • A four letter word: More.
  • A boy’s name: Mark
  • A girl’s name: Marianne ;))
  • An occupation: Musician.
  • Something you wear: Medias (T: socks)
  • A color: Maroon.
  • A food: Milanesas. (T: breaded meat)
  • Something you find in the bathroom: Make-up.
  • A place: Monaco.
A reason for being late: Mismanagement of time.
  • Something you shout: mmmmMMMMMMMMMMM FLAMING GUY
  • Something you drink: Milk (?)
  • A music group/band: Mumford and Sons.
  • An animal: Moose.
  • A type of car: Mustang (????)
  • Title of a song: Mr. Curiosity - Jason Mraz.

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T: Translation.