HUGE PSD PACK - 50 PSDS! (psd no. 193-242)

Download(zip) → mf / da

In honor of our reaching 3,000 followers (hejfgjvhegfhvgw) we guys give you as a present a psd pack which contains 50 psds that apply to: appearances, candids, photoshoots and screencaps! They are soft, colorful and give the pictures a really beautiful and natural look!

*NOTE: Not all psds are in the preview above.


psd 255. → mf / da

a very colorfoul psd, contains vibrance.

In order to get the grainy effect:
Duplicate your base picture > Filter > Noise > Add Noise > Choose uniform and check the “Monochromatic” and amount 12,5 %. After that change the opacity of the duplicated layer to 20-25% or whatever you want! (this is the way it is done in the preview pictures above).