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Do you have any Toon Ocs inspired by Batim? If so, could you show us what they look like & tell us all about them please?

Actually I do, right now I have three main ones that I’ve been toying with in the Mobster AU that @thelostmoongazer​ has goin. 

The first is this little prick: 

His name is Avelle, and to give you a very short summary he is a lawyer. This arrogant wiseass of a boy specializes in getting folks with unsavory lines of employment out of uncomfortable legal positions. He will do just about anything to make sure that his clients get off the hook, even if that means breaking a few laws along the way to get there. Doesn’t matter if its legal as long as it gets done.

Don’t let his youthful size and face fool you, this kid is no angel. If anything he’s an asshole that is blatantly ruthless with his words. It doesn’t matter to him who you are this sassy pants will call you out on your shit. Now can he match those with his fists? Not in the least, he is a brains over brawn kind of boy. He’d rather disable you with black mail and verbal warfare than he would going to blows. Not without  good reason the boy is a silver tongued devil despite the halo lookin’ thing on his head.

However because of his childish face he often has to deal with being underestimated or disregarded due to it. He despises being treated like a kid and despite his collected exterior will quickly be gritting his teeth when treated as such. 

Due to his choice of employment he plays his cards close to his chest and does his best to maintain a wall of professionalism between him and his rather hostile clients. Kid moves quite often to put it lightly, and as he puts it, ‘he’ll find you not the other way around.’ 

The second character is this girlie:

Angelica Mariani, the she-devil with a conscience.

 This lovely lady is a proud officer of the Toon Town PD and hoping to someday move up the chain of command and slip into the detective position. She has a very black and white way of seeing the world, no cartoon pun intended. In her mind there being a very clear moral division between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ without leaving much space for a gray area. 

Angelica has trouble letting go over things that get under her skin, or people for that matter, and tends to dwell on matters far longer than she should. This quality would make her have a great future as a detective should she prove herself, however it also means she can’t put down a theoretical bone once she begins to chew on it. Officer Mariani has a terrible habit of charging forward with cases she has little jurisdiction over on her off duty hours, between volunteering for community service events, and frequently ends up winding herself in several dangerous predicaments. 

Despite her best efforts to be a ‘good cop’ she is often put in the uncomfortable position of breaking the law. Mainly due to the fact that the before mentioned lawyer has some rather big dirt of this good willed officer and uses it to get not so legal ‘favors’ from her while twisting her arm a little for it. She hates the lawyer child for this fact and is trying to find her way out of his blackmail. 

 And the final lady is this Angel: 

Ilissa Onria, or Duchess as she sometime goes by. 

Despite her fluffy wings and halo, this darling is more a demon than any other characters mentioned before. A cunning woman that uses her words and appearance to lull those around her into a sense of comfort before snapping her trap shut upon them. 

She comes from a proud family name that sought to spread influence through the bonding of her marriage with another. Despite her arguments against this she was still wed to this individual. Tragically, and perhaps predictably, it was a very short marriage. Her husband being killed by a servant that had ‘fancied’ her, as the story goes at least, not a year after their wedding. This left her a widow with a small fortune and her wanna-be-lover taking a bath in some acetone after a few weeks in jail. A very convenient set of events for the unhappy house wife that seem to have cleaned themselves up for her without her needing to raise a finger. 

Shortly after her husbands painfully unexpected death she took it upon herself to absorb his business assets and take on the work that he had left behind. Primarily the mob related ventures he had invested himself into before his passing.

Ilissa is an ambitious woman with her eyes on the big prizes in life, not willing to trifle with insignificant points that would turn out to be meaningless in the long run.  When she sees something she wants, she takes it. Doesn’t if it is a item, a area, or a person. If she wants it, she gets it. Suppose you could say behind all the flamboyant manipulation she is a greedy child at heart, although this child does carry a gun beneath her feathers.

So there’s a small recap on three of my characters, guess now that they’re out there I can stop sitting on this pile of art I’ve been hoarding. 

Il y a des moments dans la vie où l'on grandit. Malgré soi. Une tuile. Un deuil. Une trahison. Quelque chose qui vous arrache à l'enfance et vous montre que la vie n'est pas ce que vous croyiez, que les gens ne sont pas ceux que vous pensiez qu'ils étaient.
—  Anne-Marie Mariani
Juro que lo echo de menos y mucho. Extraño tanto lo que éramos, lo que él es, lo que provocaba en mí. Aunque me cayera mal, aunque no lo soportara a ratos. Mi corazón lo quiere y mucho pero también lo odia otro poco. Ojalá nunca se entere que lo extraño, ni que pienso en él, ni que a veces recuerdo cuánto amaba su voz. Ojalá no regrese jamás y poco a poco este sentimiento se diluya con mis palabras. Extraño aquello, lo que fuimos mientras teníamos los ojos abiertos, extraño hasta reñirlo y las largas peleas que teníamos por nada. Me gusta y mucho, pero también me cae muy mal. Es un contraste, una lucha, unos extremos. Echo de menos sus manos con las mías, la vida que construíamos, aquella vez que estrenamos tiempo, pero también detesto la altanería con la que me dijo que ya yo no le provocaba ni emoción. Ojalá no se entere que le escribí esto, ni que le pienso los domingos, ni que quiero que regrese cinco minutos para recordarnos como antes.
—  M. Sierra Villanueva @ideasviajando

A mí no me gusta la gente que se va sin despedirse, tampoco el silencio que atropella las palabras, ni el regreso que dura un segundo. No me gusta la gente que es intermitente, que se cree ola, que va y que viene. Esos que abren una oportunidad, que hablan desde la ventana y cuando uno abre la puerta, ya se tienen que ir. No me gustan los que de repente te abrazan y cuando miras al lado dejan vacíos, ni siquiera dicen hasta luego. A mí que me quieran constante, no digo que sea en línea recta, pero que estén, que se sienta de corazón a corazón el mismo te quiero. Que si se van tengan la cortesía de al menos cerrar la puerta, que si tienen que ausentarse que al menos lo dejen saber para no estar a las mismas horas esperando su regreso. Mira que el café se enfría y las ganas también. Mira que uno se cansa de mirar, de hacerse preguntas, de tratar de encontrar respuestas. A mí no me gusta la gente que usa muchos puntos suspensivos, que se van corriendo y uno no sabe si vendrán a las seis como de costumbre, o si terminarán la historia ahora o más tarde. No, a mí que me digan espérame o adiós, conmigo que sean claros de una vez, porque eso de andar en la incertidumbre de dar pasar la página o cerrar el libro no me gusta.

M. Sierra

Un día conocí un hombre totalmente imperfecto.
Si lo vieran, tiene la peor memoria del mundo y a veces se enoja con facilidad. Pero, si lo conocieran… notarían que al sonreír algo pasa. A veces pienso que el día espera ver su sonrisa para entonces dibujar un atardecer. También creo que sus manos tienen algo de vida. Una vez me tocó y resucité… y cuando estoy perdida me hace regresar. Es aquel hombre del que uno no puede resistir a quererlo, de esos que uno tiene que mirarlo con ojos cerrados y casi casi el corazón le obliga hacerle su hogar. Por su magia, por lo bonita de su existencia. Cuando te asomas a su alma, algo te transforma.
—  M. Sierra Villanueva @ideasviajando