Niall Horan Imagine for Mariandrea- go out for ice cream

You were in the passenger seat of your boyfriend, Niall Horan’s car, on your way to the ice cream factory. There was this little ice cream shop right by the beach about twenty minutes from you and Niall’s apartment, that no one seemed to know about. It was your place where could escape the world, the fans and the press. You arrive to the ice cream shop and enjoy the fact that there is only an old couple there. You go up to the window and open your mouth to order when Niall cuts you off with “Mariandrea will have a small vanilla with a scoop of oreos and a couple swedish fish in a waffle cone. And I will have a medium moose tracks with a scoop of crazy vanilla, topped with hot fudge, oreos, m&ms, and topped with whip cream and a cherry in a cup with a cone on it.” The woman looks at him and laughs, already knowing his regular. He laughs and after you are handed your ice creams you go down and sit on the beach. Niall smears some whip cream on your nose and on your lips, leans over and kisses them both. “Yummmy” he says in his cute irish accent.