Niall Horan Imagine for Mariandrea- go out for ice cream

You were in the passenger seat of your boyfriend, Niall Horan’s car, on your way to the ice cream factory. There was this little ice cream shop right by the beach about twenty minutes from you and Niall’s apartment, that no one seemed to know about. It was your place where could escape the world, the fans and the press. You arrive to the ice cream shop and enjoy the fact that there is only an old couple there. You go up to the window and open your mouth to order when Niall cuts you off with “Mariandrea will have a small vanilla with a scoop of oreos and a couple swedish fish in a waffle cone. And I will have a medium moose tracks with a scoop of crazy vanilla, topped with hot fudge, oreos, m&ms, and topped with whip cream and a cherry in a cup with a cone on it.” The woman looks at him and laughs, already knowing his regular. He laughs and after you are handed your ice creams you go down and sit on the beach. Niall smears some whip cream on your nose and on your lips, leans over and kisses them both. “Yummmy” he says in his cute irish accent.

Long Day

Today was a stressful day, was out all day. Was feeling down, but you always come through for me and turn my not so good days into something pleasing, fun, and filled with laughter. Ended my day by starting the second season on Game of Thrones, never seen it before till you convinced me to watch it with you and im glad i did. It’s a good show and sometimes i do get confused about whats going on, but thanks for answering all my questions and concerns and helping me follow through with the show. Cant wait to see whats in store for me in the upcoming episodes, im excited! It was nice seeing you today, you looked beautiful as always baby and thanks for your kisses i appreciate all of them.

Sleep well, time to get your beauty sleep my exotic flower, yakap halikan mo ako on forehead if that makes any sense lol.

Good Night!


Questing Part 1

Had a long day, running back and forth, talking to one NPC to another, defeating monsters, delivering NPCs, and finally playing fetch >.<. Its time consuming, a bit of stress and feeling drained from all day long questing. Best part of it would be spending time with the babe mariandreae having our laughs and our moments. From confusion to wonders. Feeling currently like a ZOMBIE my eyes feel heavy and all i want to do is feel  the bed underneath me T.T. But in time when everything is done and set. Tomorrow me and the babe will continue more questing till our arms fall off our bodies and crawl away from so much usage. 

Good night.

Lo Que Eres Para Mi

You are the light that brightens my darkest days

You are the hand that lifts up my face when i am at my worst 

You are the one that tugs me to the side when im stuck between a sword and a wall

You are the woman that invades my dreams and holds me through the night

You are the blood that runs through my veins up to heart keeping me alive

You are the person that id give my heart just to give you another chance at life

Thanks for giving me happiness, keeping me company, and making me feel once again