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Mr Sprite and I re-watched the final episode of S3 tonight (because we had a discussion about Rumbelle wedding vows and he wanted to watch the wedding again to make sure he felt the same way about them. Spoiler alert: he did)

Anyway good GOD there was SO MUCH HOOK.  I had to fast forward most of it because every time his stupid face came on screen I would go “Ugh” and my husband would go “just fast forward” but GOD!

Also I’m still pissed about Marian

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10. Stomach Kiss with F!Hawke/Varric? :3

Also known as: the moment Varric fell in love with Marian Hawke.

Varric’s ears stung as he heard Marian Hawke scream. It wasn’t an intimidating cry, it was one of pure agony and terror. It was followed by a snarl and a distinctly draconian hiss, which cut off into a watery gurgle. The intensity of her cry sent crows flying from their perches, the sound of their wings echoing the fluttering of the dwarf’s mind as he tried to process what was happening.

The forest fell into deathly silence as the birds disappeared. Varric’s mind fell silent too, as fear gripped his throat and his chest tightened. He looked at Anders for a moment before he rushed to where the noise came from, uncomprehending of anything else.

What he saw knocked the breath from his lungs. 

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Let's destroy these anti ship tags.

Just let me ship what I want and I will let you

Spread love and shipper respect.


OUaT Recap "Rocky Road" 4x03

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  • Zelena: Ahahaha my pretties! It was me all along! I was Marian!
  • Emma:
  • Hook:
  • Hook: remember what I said Swan?
  • Hook: I said she might kill one of the dwarves
  • Zelena: muahaha yes indeed and I just might, just because I can! Hahaha!
  • Emma:
  • Emma: do you take requests?
  • Zelena:
  • Hook:
  • Hook: okay seriously which one of them is it and why do you despise him so?

Sooooo… mid-season finale is over, and here’s a little summary… made my way.


1. When Disney makes some awesome blockbuster animation, we can be sure that OUAT will use it:

— the character were cool, but under-used
— Elsa was awesome - but seriously… the same dress all the time?
— Anna and Kristoff - how the fuck the surviwed drownig in the ocean?
— Hans - asshole as always (which was cool)
— Rock Trolls - low budget CGI but you liked it anyway
— Snow Monster - freaking awesome!!!!

2. Creators of the show as always are trying to give us some DOG SHIT and say it it tastes like caviar:

— Robin Hood - thank you for destroying my childhood hero for me - thank you Adam& Eddy! Now every time I hear the name I fucking weep for once awesome bandit.

— Cheating - is not the most despicable thing in the world… actually… according to creators when you cheat - you are as “honorable” as you always were. Fuck You Robin Hood!!!

— Ignoring character development is also cool…. because it is obvious that when two dudes write the show about strong and independent women - sometimes they simply had to put in there some shit like “I am nothing without my man!”… because it it natural, right?

— Fucking with two most belowed characters - Emma and Regina:

a) Emma - sure… she is awesome… but it is obvious she need  a dity pirate in her life to make her… well… her! Yessss… Thank god that Jennifer Morrison is an amazing actress and she tried to deal in her way with theshittiest writing ever writen!!!

b) Regina - for twelve episodes our belowed Evil Queen was almost nowhere to be seen. Even Lana Parrilla’s incredible acting skills couldn’t dull the shitty writing that was made. Thank God for the last two episodes… finally we had some of our Regina back.

— Operation Mongoose - awesome - for all the 3 minutes it’s screen time!

— Snow Queen - yesssss… coll and interesting villian… Emma’s foster mom? Intriguing idea!…. shame that everything else was as always shitty writing. Thank God for Elizabeth Mitchel! At least she gave her character some substance before writers destroyed it! “Yes. I want new sisters. Let me pick two random women and kill everyone they love! That is an amazing idea! They will love me for sure! Ohhh… I was mistaken? Well… now I need to kill myself. Bam!” - WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WRITERS?!!!!?

3. But finally we also learn some cool things, like…

— Henry and his moms make a good team
— Regina and Snow finally burried the hatchet
— Emma is going to give Regina a happy edning
— Elsa and Anna are both cool sisters
— Rumpel is still a dick - but that’s why we love him
— Belle finally got something to say
— Maleficent, Ursula and Cruella are going to be awesome
— Qutlaw Queen is the most forced ship ever
— Maid Marian is totally cool chick and Robin do not deserve her - or any other women - beacuse he is the cheating bastard!
— Captain Swan - is a ship that you do not care in the sligtest nad Hook is simply a douche (but still better than Robin fucking Hood!)
— Swan Queen is still the end game -  or at least Swan-Mills family is still the end game.

 Sorry for venting… :)