mariam bastani

Photo: POC Zine Project founders Daniela Capistrano (L) and Mariam Bastani ®

From their website: “POC Zine Project’s mission is to makes ALL zines by POC (People of Color) easy to find, distribute and share. We are an experiment in activism and community through materiality.”

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“Help us build our archive of zines by people of color! Send us information about an older, new or upcoming zine and we’ll share it on this Tumblr.”


At Wednesday’s “Meet Me At the Race Riot: People of Color in Zines from 1990-today” (which is a reference to the groundbreaking zine anthology Mimi Nguyen put together years ago) Mariam brought stacks of MRR old and new! Picked up a new copy, annnnnd Mariam made tapes- “We are destroyers of the Status Quo”! She made fucking amazing red tapes w/hand done inserts w/track lists & countries of origin for each band, and cases!  and tape is of ALL FEMALE LADY PONX KILLER TRAXXX!  Tape has our faves Tozibabe and Vulpess on it, along with a ton of other killer bands with ladies in em!! for those that are interested (ie total nerds, hi branka!) here is the bands on each side:

Lado A:

Tozibabe (yugo)// castration squad (us)// the gaia (japan)// as mercenarias (brazil)// the nurse (japan)// the nixe (netherlands)// the calamities (france)//

Lado B:

Kyah (japan)// pink plastic and panties ()// kandeggina gang (italy)// nog watt (netherlands) 2 songs// vulpess (spain)//

bow down & beg mariam for one at ILOVEUMARIAM OMGGGGG


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Fabulous talk yesterday, and video above is of the whole thing! See Mariam of MRR brilliance at 1:01:03, and then Osa of Shotgun Seamstress, group discussion, and then Mimi of threadbared at the end with more discussion!!

look into For The Birds and POC Zine Project for more ways to get involved with nyc zinesters, and email the barnard zine library to schedule private/group tours (since the archive is housed in barnard and it is a private closed campus)