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In response to the crocodile/taxidermy of monkey question, I don't think that is a taxidermied monkey. It appears to me that it is a figurine of some sort of cloaked evil man that just happens to be portrayed by a monkey. It's one of those edgy figurines you'd find in a music shop I dunno. Reminds me of Binky in that episode where he can't stop rhyming. Bottom line I think that's a cloak, not skin.

fair point! it’s much more likely that it’s a figurine than a stuffed monkey haha. good eye uvu

Another highlighter/pen in-class sketch - roughly 45 min?

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Godzich’s “International Cyberpunk” lectures, specifically those on automata, doll girls, and the undead, have inspired a new series of drawings. I think I’m excited about where they are going. WIPWIPWIP: Undead 

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Two-Faced Son of a Bitch: Bird Sultan/Man with Tongue 
pen, white pencil

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Reposting because I now have a picture of exponentially better quality.