30 Day ANTM Challenge: Day 04 - Favourite Cycle 4 Contestant

Kahlen Rondot

The chameleon. The one who owned ANTM, at least for me. We all know that Kahlen should have won. Although her lack of confidence sometimes got the best of her, she consistently had excellent photos! She’s the one who’s photographs we’d look forward to week after week.I wish I saw her in the All-Star Cycle.


I know a lot of people who are like this. I guess. I’m just far too different from this. First, I’m the person who loves to talk. Obviously. Haha. And I really appreciate it when my friends listen to me. Whenever they ask me what’s going on… (Although sometimes, it may get hard to share because it is very personal and they may argue….) I really do SHARE. Sometimes, I honestly hate it when my friends put me in the ‘Hot Seat.’ Especially when it gets too personal. But I know that they’re only asking because they care. They’re concerned because there’s love. They’re pointing out that their lives may seem worse because they want me to feel that my problems are never bigger than me and that I CAN get through whatever problem I may have. And whenever the conversation turns to them… I’m glad that I’m not just mere talking… That I’m actually in a two-way communication. That there’s actually love, appreciation, and genuine friendship between us. <3 I hope everyone knows that.


You’ll always be a part of me
I’m part of you indefinitely~


What? I am a good girl~


Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir~

I may not be the nicest person, I point out people’s flaws.
I may not be the politest person, I can be quite rude and vulgar.
I may not be the prettiest person, but for what I have got I am grateful.
I may not be the coolest person, I always stand outside the pack.
I may not be the best person, I’m forever letting the people I love down.
But one thing I am is me, not pretending to be something I’m not.
—  I do not own this. Credits to its rightful owner.
Last night, I dreamt of you.

After four different instances of my friends dreaming of me with a boyfriend and finally blogging about it…

You appeared in my dreams for the first time ever. The thing is, I don’t usually dream of other people. Whenever I do, I’d dream of a lot of people in a party. Otherwise, I only dream of myself flying, being chased away, or walking around barefoot. Those are my recurring dreams.

I find it perplexing that of all people out there, I dream of you and I being together. I mean, we were just hanging out and laughing but that moment seemed so precious. Like I’d trade anything to be in that position and for that moment to last. And in some point, I felt like I was in total control of that dream. 

 I can’t really imagine both of us being in a deeper kind of relationship. Heck, it’s the last thing I’d imagine of anyone at this moment. But what does that dream tell me? Is it only just a dream? My eyes witnessed something vague but my heart felt something really vivid — I love the friendship we have. And part of me really wanted you to be in that dream.


Young girl, don’t cry
I’ll be right here when your world starts to fall~

JPIA's official newsletter, THE DISCLOSURES, ranks third-runner up in RSO's Awards Night. <3 Wish I was there.

Was gonna post this originally in Tumblr but haven’t really found the time… And besides, I feel that the Facebook Community deserves to knooow! Hihihi.

It took Kristina Borreo and I more than a week to gather articles and edit them. It was really burdensome. O_O" That week was a really busy moment for all Accountancy students. Hell week, as most people would put it. Could you imagine how it was for both of us? Whilst others have already submitted theirs early on, some have not submitted their final output and the others who have promised to submit articles failed to. We couldn’t really pressure them to send their articles because they are likewise busy with their academics. And we do. We do understand them. Tina ended up having to finish their part and write their articles.

There was a point when I just wanted to give up. You know. It was just something too heavy to carry. I realized that creating a NEWSLETTER is a very tedious job. Not only that we have to finish the newsletter ASAP, we too, have to study. Plus, it was a really stressful week for me because I was having problems at home and with my best friend too.

Anyway, I had to repeat the design over and over. Because I wasn’t informed with the required size of the newsletter. And upon finding out, I had to repeat everything again because the printing is so expensive and the only way for a cheaper rush printing is to settle for a smaller size. In lieu with that, some articles were not published. And it was really tiring to repeat everything over and over.

Please note that it was my FIRST TIME to layout a NEWSLETTER. I had to finish everything overnight. :| Just thinking of a concept and a design is already time-consuming and tiring. I arrived home at 10 pm. And Tina finalized all the articles while I work on the layout. Tina had to sleep at past 4am because she has a class early AM. My eyes gave up at 7am and I still wasn’t finished. :‘3 Was crying at that point because I was too tired. Woke up 10am and started working on the paper. FINISHED at 3pm and immediately sent the file to the printing press.


Well. I’m glad that the front page didn’t have much errors. LOL. I’m so glad that I didn’t give up. I remember telling Tina that “I won’t give up without putting a damn good fight.” Yes. I’m competitive. Hihi. When we started envisioning the paper, we really wished to get commendations. In the first place, why would you do something if you will not strive hard and pursue excellence? Every time I do something, I always give my all and I always hope for the best. I’m like that.

But all the stress Tina and I had drained all our hopes. By the time we submitted the paper, we just submitted it FOR THE SAKE of submitting. “At least nakapagpasa. At least tapos na.” That’s just everything that we had to say. It was a great relief for both of us that we finally accomplished something. We really wasn’t expecting to get any award or win anything. The cool thing was, Ate Charm, Jason and others believed in us. They kept praising our work and it was just too overwhelming. The fact that they appreciated our efforts and that they believe in our potential to win, it GIVES ME HOPE. They keep saying that… ANG GANDA. ANG GANDA. And well, of course, as the layout editor, ehem, I was overjoyed. :) The layout and design creates the first impression of the paper. The fact that they already think that it is BEAUTIFUL would already make the reader grip on the paper. Plus, the well-written CONTENTS would make the paper IMPOSSIBLE TO PUT DOWN. It was written by the most creative and intelligible Accountancy students. :D

All our hard work and efforts paid off because WE WON THIRD PLACE. There were over 60 recognized student organizations in Adamson and we WOAH. It was JPIA’s first time to submit a paper… It was also our first time to act as editors. Placing third is already a GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT for us. Plus, Ronald Jason Romero, our dedicated Treasurer placed 6th as the most outstanding Treasurer.

I owe my writing skills to God. And of course to my English teachers in Elementary and High School who believed in my capacity to write. And also, my Journalism professors who taught me to write in newsletters and who gave me an opportunity to have my works published. :)

I honestly really wanted to go to the awards night. (FOR THE FOOD HAHA). In fact, they were encouraging me because they believed that we have a great potential to WIN. I even tried out one of the beautiful long gowns that we have at home… Unfortunately, the organization wasn’t able to finance for us. Sad. Huhuhu. I could’ve been there OVEREATING while JPIA’s The Disclosure being called out. :D

Kidding aside, I am still too happy. God is so good. It only means that we should always DREAM BIG and we should always WORK HARD… by then, SUCCESS will chase you.

To Kristina Borreo, super hardworking Editor-In-Chief; Myself, Associate Editor and Layout Editor. Ronald Jason Romero, Managing Editor; Rose Allen Bueno, Sports Editor; Judy Supremo, News Editor; Lea Adriatico, Features Editor, and the other contributors: Paul Christian Pagayon, Adam Chino Chuson, John Paul Perido, Anna Andrea Patricio, Andrea Flores, Eulomar Ajusan (sorry for being unable to publish your wonderful work but still, thank you), and Ms. Anna Marisse Sy… THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. This is it! This paper would not be possible if not for our hard work, dedication and skills. To God and the people who believed in us, THANK YOU. This paper would not be possible without your support. Hindi lang natin ito tagumpay, tagumpay ito ng mga naniwala sa atin at ng buong JPIA.

All the writers, contributors, editors are volunteers…. They all just assumed responsibility and did it for the love of writing and for the love of the organization. They deserve a round of applause, don’t you think? :) I think that they deserve more than that though… I believe that they deserve a standing ovation. :D

This ACCOLADE marks a special place in our hearts as we cherish our FINAL year as Accountancy students. I hope that the success we had will  grow and flourish as we chase our dream to be a CPA. To Kristina Borreo, Jason Romero, myself, all our friends who believed in us, all the writers and contributors… Thank you. Kudos to us and good luck on our Accountancy journey! :D