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Different types of Kitten

Jhene Aiko kitten:has you thinking heaven is here on earth. Most likely to cuddle and talk afterwards. Always in a situationship and comes to you for comfort

Kehlani kitten:homegirl you’ve always tried to get with. One night you hit her with the henny dick and now neither of you can let go. Tough and will curse you out in bed, but it’s a turn on tbh

Beyoncé kitten:the kitten that’s using you because she knows her man is cheating. Will record you two together in order to show it at his company launch.

Rihanna kitten: crazy chick who choked you one time and made you call her daddy. Makes you wear a collar because she knows she owns your ass.

Nicki Minaj kitten: the kitten you met on vacation in Waikiki that made you think love was real when she bust it wide open on your lap. Had you praying to god.

Mariah Carey kitten: Suga moma kitten that takes care of you. All you have to do is stroke that ego. And that kitten. She will get hers before you get yours.

Ariana Grande kitten: unevolved Mariah Carey kitten. Evolve her using gifts of donuts, crop tops, and hyped up reviews of her performance in bed.

Kali Uchis kitten: The kitten who everyone fucks with. You smash every time you two smoke. Likes the color pink and being pampered. Be prepared for car sessions

Solange kitten: Kitten that inspires you to do better. Don’t touch her hair during sex. Will have you listening to records afterwards taking about your dreams.

Lady Gaga kitten:Your experimental phase. Marched to the beat of her own drum and yes that means you fucked in front of an audience for the applause

Sade kitten:The kitten that taught you everything you know. Smooth af. She’s the reason your ass can even set the mood for future girls. Too good for you and disappeared after 8 days of extraordinary love

Lana Del Rey kitten: Kitten that is a sugar baby and you have no issues with it. Likes it in hotels and random places for the thrills. Likes calling you daddy. Watch out for her ex tho.


“You’re so damn short.”

Eeeh ok you know I don’t quite ship anime!Rei&Mariah. However I DO ship their manga counterparts. Hey, stop rolling your eyes. It’s not so odd as you may think, they’re both pretty different in there. Like, for instance, if in the anime their love is one-sided and almost brotherly (”Rei-nii”?!), in the manga they’re both more serious and wild (and their childhood friendship isn’t even mentioned). This is why headcanon them to bite EHM, seduce each other with equal passion………..

I Can Be a Ghost In Your Eardrum // 

A fanmix for the Inquisitors who fell in love with a spirit.

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mariah’s shoes

ok so like

me and ayesha were talking about this earlier(more so i casually commented on it and ayesha had a complete meltdown over this revelation) BUT BASICALLY:

throughout the entire series, Mariah NEVER WEARS HEELS

and i dont just mean that her shoes arent stillettos or pumps, i mean she is wearing FLATS in every. damn. scene. 

and thats just so amazing to me??? i have honestly NEVER seen a woman on television, especially a professional, powerful, respected woman, wear flats on screen. im serious. (the rare exceptions being literal children/teens, and even then, its either converse or low-heeled shoes, not flats)

so we’re both just fangirling super hard over mariah bc all of that swagger and confidence she exudes????? is completely her own????? like lets be real my heels go a long way in making me look/act confident and professional, but mariah walks into/out of a room and OWNS every second of it, all on her own

and!!!! she’s not even particularly tall??? alfre woodard is 5″3!!! which, same(ok whatever im 5″1 but its not that far off

but she NEVER comes across as particularly small or short, even in comparison to the giants in the rest of the cast. like, sure, you can tell there’s a height difference, but that’s more in relation to the fact that Cornell and Luke are seen as big personally, instead of making mariah specifically seem small, if that makes sense??? (and whoo boy ive got a whole other post about the different Types of Tall Cornell and Luke embody despite being the same height and how it reflects the core aspects of their characters, but thats for another time)

for example, theres a height difference between her and Shades that isnt immediately noticeable(imo), esp bc of her posture, which is always looking him dead on, as if they’re the same height, even tho Theo Rossi is a good 6 in taller

(which!!!! someone pls give me that shadymariah fic where he wraps his arms around her from behind and places his chin on the top of her head and she just leans back and breathes bc theyre a team but more importantly he’s hers goddammit and)

idk guys, theres just something so Life Goals™ about Mariah being able to command attention and exude Power&Poise in ballet flats

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Spending two hours planning a lesson that’s over in 20 minutes