mariah serrano


Let’s start with, I am 21, not 22. I defend this because I have made really cool accomplishments within my 21 years in life, and because it’s kick-ass that I did so in my small time on this planet. Also, in the name of responsible journalism, I would hope the NY Post could get my age right. 

I did not choose to cut my leg off so I can wear high heels, I had my leg amputated because I was very sick and the quality of my health and life were suffering. Doctors do not welcome the idea that you are unhappy with your footwear choices, so you should remove body parts.

This event was a real decision that I took very seriously. It was a decision my family and I made together, so that I would be able to live my dreams, and not mind you, dreams of footwear, but dreams of waking up and going about my life not in chronic pain.

And, now for some vanity… 

I love social media. I take “OOTD” pictures at least once a week. I provided the writer with many images of me as a happy and well-dressed adult participant in fashion, pleading with her not to use, you know, the image of me in my glasses when I am underage and holding my leg in a strange way. This was a facebook post from several years ago. It’s a goofy picture, I get that it exposed the problem and therefore seemed editorially useful, but there were so many really cool images of me available, images which represented me in a truer and more current way.


this is a strange photoset of me smoking a cigarette this morning

actually right now

and I’m feeling really peaceful which is hard to come by with me

last night I stayed up late drinking wine

 working on my color theory in the candle light

the wine helped me take risks i don’t think i would have otherwise taken

and it’s really interesting. i don’t know if it’s good or permanent

but i don’t feel bad about it

i’m just looking it over

and writing about it in the mess of last night

i’m lonely in the most pleasant way