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The basics

Name: Denese

Nickname: Dennis, Neicy, D, Denetrix

Age: over 30 under 35
Species: human

Religious Belief: I’m spiritual

Sins: Gluttony(I’m a foodie ok) and lots of sex

Virtues: Loyalty, Humour, Honest but tactful

Primary Goals in Life: Be happy but that’s such a subjective word. I have my ups and downs.

Languages: Just english and a little french. I can also do Jamaican Patois if I feel inclined to.

Secrets: If I told you then I would have to hunt you down and kill you.

Quirks: apparently I talk to myself a lot but not in a bad way just to walk myself through stuff.

Savvies: I am a great cook of Caribbean food .

Height: 5’11

Weight: a lady doesn’t tell

Scars/Beauty Marks: Beauty mark on the corner of my left eyebrow I think it’s beautiful.

Abilities/Powers: I can bend my thumbs behind my hands can you?

Drink: I actually don’t drink but champagne is nice

Pizza Topping: Pepperoni bacon

Color: Green

Music Genre: hip hop jazz and Neo soul

Book Genre: Horror or paranormal and smut

Movie Genre: Comedy and action

Season: Fall

Butt Type: I love a tight ass on a man and well rounded

Swear Word: Fuck Off (I sound like a donkey when I say it lol)

Scent: cookie smelling candles

Quote: to long to put here

Fun Stuff
Bottom or Top: Bottom 😛

Sings in the Shower: Most definitely

Likes Bad Puns: yup

Morality: Do unto others as you would have done to you

Build: Curvy tall and somewhat toned (I’m working on it)

Favorite Food: curry chicken Roti (Google it)

"Boss" Theme Music: well right now "Alright" by Kendrick Lamar

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mariadeniseblueberry replied to your photo: “(( Photos from Fantasy Con SLC 2014! R,…”:

i love LOVE the monster high socks!!! soo cute!

(( *laughs* Sebastian hadn’t intended to go walking around in his stocking feet, but his shoes were too painful to wear after walking the parade so he took them off. Well.. actually, he took them off in the middle of the parade.

I told him it looked like he borrowed socks from Grell; skulls and hearts XD  ))

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oooh when u are done plz send me some to read!!what i mean by sharing fantasies?baby come on-hentai me all the way to Nalu Cannon satisfaction!i was a blonde too-then i took an arrow in the heart and broke so i became an iridicent red/brown head.

I post my fanfiction on I have parts 1 and 2 on my already. I’m like almost done with the final part :D And yes yess. There are many fantasies within this teenage mind of mine. Nalu fantasies. I would share them but, I don’t want to scar my innocent followers. Just read this {link} you should be satisfied. It’s one of my favorite Nalu lemons.
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pffft bwahaha then along with Natsu-u would be a couple of “hotheads”!!!sorry i just had to do it!still awesome! btw i am going to make some Nalu -Gruvia and Gavy fanarts!i hope u share some of your fantasies about the first couple!would u like to??

Lol yes, yes we would be xD And that’s awesome!! I’m actually working on a Nalu fanart and Nalu fanfic right now :D The fanfic is almost done and I’m just sketching the fanart.  What do you mean by ‘sharing fantasies’ cos I’ve heard a lot of different meanings for it xD plus I’m a blonde 

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lol being with Natsu and have, like 30 Happy looking babies !?that would be awesome!then what would be your number 2 choice for a date from FT!?

Hmmm… my 2nd choice. Hmmmm…. Hibiki. Yeeeeessssss. Hibiki *Q* he’s so sexy.

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if u were to date a fairy tail guy-which one would that be???and how would u react to their crazy behavior?

Natsu Dragneel. Hands down. Like if he was real I’d probably die, then come back to life just to marry him and have his babies. Like omaigawsh I have an undying love for Natsu. I may ship Nalu but I still cannot contain my love for Natsu. I can’t even explain how perfect he is. And I’m pretty crazy myself so I’d probably end up being normal around him. Lol like play along with his jokes and go on jobs and such.

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looolz thank u so much dear!!!!(are ur fantasies that kinky??especially for here in tumblr???)thanks a bunch!when i am done reading i”ll send u a big fat msg!!!thank u for exting back!! blueberry out!

It depends of the fantasy xD And thank you for reading my story T^T and I’ll always reply to replies/asks/fanmail. I just have no life and enjoy social interactions.