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relationship status: im datin @nyo-hoe !!! hes the best n i luv him
wake up time: 6 am!
favorite color: any kind of blue tbh
cats or dogs: dogs!
coke or pepsi: pepsi o yea
call or text: i prefer text bc i hate my voice but if i gotta call i will
chapstick or lipstick: lipstick as long as its v light colored but otherwise chapstick!
last song you listened to: Revolution Girls by Mariachi el Bronx

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“No cabe duda que tambien de dolor se canta cuando llorar no se puede” - Mariachis.


De la Sierra Morena, cielito lindo, vienen bajando, un par de ojitos negros
cielito lindo, de contrabando. Una flecha en el aire cielito lindo, lanzó cupido
y como fue jugando cielito lindo, yo fui el herido. ¡Vivan los novios! la–negra–tomasa & jerryprieto!

Mexico Color Spangle

“Do you love Mexico? This illustration represents people or icons you can find in Mexican popular culture, from Frida Khalo, La Muerte, El luchador and the Mariachi! “

“The characters are:Top: La Muerte holding Frida Kahlo and a corrupt polititian. Left: El luchador, The Mariachi, Alebrije, The chilindero (street music man) and Zapata next to the Mariachi. The dude who is hiding is the rich man who owns everything (Carlos Slim). Middle: Virgen de Guadalupe, La Catrina (woman skull), sreet boy who sells candy, and a rabbit Alebrije. Right: Street taco cook, The Aztec warrior and the maid. Any questions about these characters just let me know :).  “