It’s late and I have to be up by 5 am tomorrow but I just got back from watching Coco and all I gotta say is; Watch. Coco.

Honestly, especially if you’re Mexican (but really even if you aren’t because it’s an amazing movie), what a mf treat to have such a beautifully directed movie based on our culture. You always hear people talk about representation and its importance and you know that it is, but you never really realize just how important it is until its depicted there, in a wonderfully exquisite story.

Everything is in the details. From the big references to Frida, la chancla, mariachi, spanish-slang to the smaller ones like Infante and Negrete, the freaking norteño band that took me all the way back to my hometown; Monterrey, and the pan dulce I suddenly started craving just as much as Miguel’s dog, Dante.

The story is so beautiful, the animation is fascinating, but above all; the music. God, the music.. It made me want to cry for home.

Director Lee Unkrich said that Coco was his love letter to Mexico, he forgot to warn the audience that his love was intoxicating.

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Is the fuckery coming?

Is the fuckery coming? Nah, It’s just fake, anon. Smoke and mirrors in a grocery store kale aisle. And not much chance that anyone is actually coming there.

But a woman for whom you will happily eat All the Pineapple, a woman who showers with you to be sure you get nice and clean, a woman who has shared a Stiff One with you after shooting steamy sex scenes, a woman who gets to meet face to face with your Sword, a woman who you give the Mariachi Band on her bday, and only after do you warm up the Tuba, a woman who has met your Great Shrimp, and found it to be rather out of the common way, a woman who you let grab you by the Baws, publicly, and with a smile on your face too? That’s a woman it’s a fair bet is coming- and you with her too.

So, not the fuckery, but Cait.

Javier Solís, Jorge Negrete, Lola Beltrán, Pedro Infante, José Alfredo Jiménez, Rocío Dúrcal y Antonio Aguilar

This was at this mexican restaurant near my house. it’s so awesome i sit facing it every time i go.

if you’re not mexican and you celebrate cinco de mayo it’s fine, whatever, but if you celebrate cinco de mayo with sombreros and fake moustaches and fucking ponchos and shit go fuck yourself, it’s ok if you want an excuse to party and get fucked up without even knowing what the actual holiday is, but why do you have to mock the stereotype appearance you have given to mexicans lmao

reasons to watch Coco (2017)

  • it’s about Mexican celebration Día de Muertos
  • explains how we set ofrendas and why we do them
  • also reminds us why it’s important we remember our loved ones
  • the main character is a 12 y/o boy, Miguel
  • cinnamon roll too good too pure for any world
  • talks about family loyalty
  • but also about family drama
  • …so it’s kinda like a mexican soap opera
  • La Chancla makes an appearance
  • great visuals!!!! can’t stress it enough
  • they put a lot of attention to ALL details from the ofrendas to miguel’s pueblo
  • has magical elements such as alebrijes
  • beautiful songs some original some not!!!
  • beautiful voices singing those beautiful songs!!!
  • has mariachi music
  • makes jokes about our culture without disrespecting it
  • famous characters from Mexican pop culture make an appearance
  • lalo alcaraz was a consultant for the movie making sure it stayed true to our traditions
  • it’s not a book of life rip off
  • you’ll love it and you’ll probably cry your eyes out
  • anyway it’s out November 22 in most places so go watch it!!!!

Me: Hi, can I have ARTPOP P 2, the sequel to Telephone, the Edge of Glory video, the ARTPOP app, the SuperBowl documentary, the Cake video, the Venus video, the Do What U Want video, the Cure video, the mariachi version of Americano, the longer version of Bad Kids, the rest of the making Joanne videos, #GagaInSpace…

Gaga: Could you shut up a second?


Él es un bailarín tonto!