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Él es un bailarín tonto!

La Leyenda de Zelda, An epic tale about a lone Mariachi waking with no memory of who he was before. Through his journeys, he learns of his destiny to defeat Calamity Ganon and save the Princesa Zelda. Truly an epic tale that will stand the tests of time, it also ends with a sick mariachi battle.

I have a lot of feelings about Mariachi!Reaper.

haimazulee  asked:

Hey Dr. Flug ¿Donde quiere el mariachi pal'jefecito? 💚♡❤

(Ask translation: Hey Dr. Flug. Where did you want the mariachi for jefecisto?) 

My HC for this is that Demecia steals Flug’s credit card a lot to make a lot of purchases, especially ones that irritate others in the house. Demencia had the mariachi band tell Black Hat that Flug sent them. The proof he did so is on the charge on the recipe that Demencia just happens to have on her… Also the band put the sombrero on Black Hat, he’s totally not going to keep it or anything. 

Sorry about photo 3 I had to take it from my laptop screen. 

Also this is why I write I can’t draw ahah but I tried. 

Just a One Night Stand- Solangelo

fluff based on a post @disenchanted-rose sent me :)

Maybe it was because he was used to getting about five hours of sleep that he woke up so early. Maybe it was because he subconsciously knew he had to leave as soon as possible. Whatever the case, Nico’s eyes slowly opened and he took in his unfamiliar surroundings.

It was still dark, but that may have been because of the heavy curtain in front of the window. There was very little light streaming into the room, but Nico could make out everything around him. He turned over and bit his lip as he looked at the sweet, angelic face of the blond beside him.

They’d met at a bar the night before, and they’d began talking over something inconsequential, not even flirting. Somehow their conversation expanded, continued to other things, until they were both laughing with each other, smiling nervously, blushing. After enough alcohol, they began walking, still joking, still laughing, and always touching. A hand on the shoulder, or a hand on his arm, or the tips of their fingers- it didn’t matter, so long as they were touching.

Nico didn’t remember how he’d gotten the nerve to lean forward and kiss him. He knew neither of them were drunk, and they both knew what they were doing. Maybe it was the adrenaline of having him so close, of his touch, of his eyes like two sparkling stars on him.

Whatever it was, Nico had kissed him and before he knew what was happening, they were on his bed, fumbling to remove their clothes, his arms around Nico’s shoulders, Nico’s lips at his neck, and then finally…. Finally together.

Just the memory of the sounds Nico was able to coax out of him made him warm all over. He bit his lip and suppressed a groan. Because it had been a one night stand. And no matter how wonderful this guy had been, there was no way he’d want anything more to do with Nico. Because that’s what Nico was used to.

He removed the warm hand at his side and got off the bed, gathering his clothes and putting them on silently. He didn’t remember what time they’d fallen asleep, but it was only eight thirty in the morning. Thankfully, the blond remained peacefully asleep by the time Nico was dressed and ready to leave.

Despite himself, he couldn’t help but reach out and run his fingers over his freckled shoulder one more time before slipping out of the room and leaving the small apartment. He hurried down the hall and down the stairs before leaving the complex. Chilly morning air hit Nico and he momentarily wished he was back under covers with warm arms around him, legs tangled together.

He shook the idea away as he walked briskly down the sidewalk to hail a cab. Finally, one stopped for him and he got inside, giving the address to his university. He couldn’t help but reminisce about the previous night. Not only the sex which didn’t feel at all like a one night stand type of sex, but the talking. The laughing and the jokes and the smiles and closeness. Somehow one night with one stranger was better than every single past relationship Nico had experienced.

“Fun night out?” his roommate asked as he got back to his dorm.

“Yeah, I guess. Crashed at a friend’s.” His roommate nodded and returned to his computer. Nico got onto his bed and sighed, thinking about the little freckles he’d kissed, about the taste of his fingers, about the warmth of his body as Nico slid his hands to roam every curve and muscled area. He thought of the way he threw his head back, the way his eyes screwed shut and then opened only partially so Nico could only barely see the blue glistening. Of the taste of his skin, and the way his fingers dug into his back and-

“Dude!” A pen flew at his face and Nico sat up sputtering. “What the hell man? Did you hear anything I just said?”

Nico opened his mouth and closed it. “Uh. No.”

Percy rolled his eyes and frowned. “What are you thinking about, you looked… weird.”

“Nothing. Just tired.” Percy raised an eyebrow. “Anyway, what’d you say?”

“I said that Leo asked me to go see his mariachi class’ performance and I can’t go because I have class. I was hoping you could go for me.”

“Mariachi class?” Nico repeated, dread creeping into his voice.

“He said it helps him stay in touch with his Mexican roots. And I’ve heard him sing, he’s actually pretty good. You don’t have to stay the whole time.” Nico shrugged. “It’s at three in the main dining hall.”

“Okay, I’ll go. I didn’t know a class like that existed.” Percy snorted and returned to his laptop. Nico let out a huff of air and rolled over hoping to stop thinking about his one night stand.

About five minutes before three, Nico started for the dining hall and stifled a laugh as he saw Leo in a large mariachi hat. He was owning it though, standing proudly and wearing that trouble making smile that made everyone way of him.

His brown eyes skirted the hall and he perked up when he saw Nico. “Hey, man! I didn’t know you’d come to see the performance.”

“Percy couldn’t make it, so he asked me to come. Though I’m slightly offended you didn’t ask me yourself.”

Leo shrugged and fiddled with the brass buttons on his suit. “I had the feeling you’d tease me.”

Nico’s smile faltered and he sighed. “Hey, you’re my friend. I’m here to support you. And while I would never be caught dead in that suit, it looks good on you. Now, Percy told me you sing pretty damn well, so… don’t let me down.”

Leo narrowed his eyes. “Yeah, no pressure, right?” he muttered. “Okay, thanks for coming. I have to get back though.” Nico nodded and watched him get back to the small platform stage with the others.

He turned away to sit down and stopped dead in his tracks the second he did. Sitting at a table, staring at him with a confused, hurt expression was Will, the blond he’d left sleeping earlier that day. His entire body seemed to overheat, and he couldn’t remember to breathe. At least not until an instructor’s voice began to echo over a microphone.

He jumped and immediately took a seat at a table across from Will’s, his face flushed. But his eyes wouldn’t tear themselves away from him. Nico felt just as short of breath at that moment as he had last night, with Will’s bare body beneath him. His heart was pounding just as wildly. His thoughts raced and turned to mush.

Suddenly, the first song was over and applause pulled Nico out of his reverie. He clapped and saw as Leo stepped out of the line to the microphone to sing. The next song began, and Leo started singing. Percy was right, his voice was incredible.

But Nico couldn’t focus like he should’ve been. He was still too distracted by Will sitting just a few feet away. His blue eyes looked troubled as they looked at Nico, his eyebrows furrowed, his cheeks flushed. His hands were interlocked over the table, and Nico couldn’t help but think of them scraping down his back. He couldn’t help but recall the taste of his lips, the feeling of his tongue in his mouth, the sound of his panting breaths in his ear.

Suddenly he was too flustered to remain seated where he was. He stood as carefully as he could and ducked into the bathroom, splashing himself with cold water. He took a few deep breaths and ran his hand through his hair. Once he’d pulled himself together, he went back to his seat, careful not to look at Will so he could focus on his friend’s performance.

About an hour later, Leo and his classmates were putting their instruments up and Nico could feel Will’s gaze on him. He turned and his breath caught the second those blue eyes steadied on him. He started for him, sitting in the chair opposite him, feeling self-conscious and guilty. The hurt was so obvious in his eyes.


“Hey,” Will answered softly.

“What are you… doing here?” he asked.

Before he could answer, Leo came up to the table put a hand on both of their shoulders. “Hey guys! Do you know each other?”


“Thanks for coming, seriously. It means a lot.”

“You were great, Leo. I mean it,” Nico told him. Will nodded in agreement.

“Thanks,” he answered with a blush. “I have to get back, I have a class right after this. Thank you guys!” He raced back and followed his classmates out of the dining hall.

Nico turned to Will and raised an eyebrow. “You know Leo?”

“I showed him around his freshman year,” he answered tiredly. “I was a sophomore.” Nico nodded. “You left early.”

Nico’s cheeks flared and he cleared his throat. “I know…. I didn’t think I’d see you again.”

He heard Will scoff and suddenly he was standing and leaving the dining hall. Nico started after him, reaching him once they were outside. Just touching his hand made electricity zip through Nico’s body. “So what, you didn’t want to see me again? You didn’t even have the courtesy to say goodbye. If I’d known you just planned on ditching-”

“I did want to. I did,” he interrupted. “I just…. I’m used to not getting close to people. But all day, I haven’t…. God, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. Not just… at your apartment, but everything.” Will clenched his jaw and looked away. “Will,” he whispered.

“I felt pretty stupid, you know? I don’t usually… go that far that fast.” Nico watched as his cheeks slowly turned red with embarrassment. “And to wake up by myself…. You hadn’t even left a note, or your number, or… anything. It was like you didn’t exist.”

“I’m sorry,” he said again. “If I can make it up to you… I’d really like to.” He reached out and touched his fingers, slipping his own in between them. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. I thought that’s how you would’ve preferred it.” Will frowned and his eyes flickered to meet Nico’s. “Can I make it up to you?”

After looking at him for a few moments, Will’s face relaxed into that gentle expression Nico had woken up to. “Dinner. No sex. Just a normal date.”

Nico’s lips parted in surprise and he began smiling. He chuckled and ran a hand through his hair. “Okay. Yeah. That’s… it’s a deal. Dinner. Tonight.”

Will pulled out his phone and handed it over to him with a small smirk on his face. “Give me your number so I know where to pick you up. Or when you’ll pick me up. Whatever you want.” Nico took the phone and put his number in with shaking fingers. He handed it back to Will and smiled nervously at him. “I’ll see you later then.”

“Wait,” Nico said, tightening his grip on his hand. He pulled him back and into a kiss which he’d been dying to do since he saw him in the dining hall. A small sound of surprised rumbled in the back of Will’s throat and he kissed Nico back, his warm hand placed gently on the side of his neck. When Nico pulled back, he opened his eyes and saw Will’s small, dreamy smile playing on his lips. “I had to.”

“I’m glad you did,” he whispered, opening his eyes. “I’ll see you tonight.”

Nico nodded and watched him walk away. Maybe. Maybe this would be different. Maybe Will would be better. Just maybe.


You know how Raiden’s Mariachi hat has his name custom embroidered on it? 

External image

I was telling someone that it’s basically impossible that he picked those designs out of a sample book at the shop. I doubt they do custom kanji like that often. He must have written/drawn it himself, and then asked them to embroider it for him. 

  • 5sos: We are a serious band you guise
  • 5sos: *does the chicken dance*
  • 5sos: *play weird ass charades*
  • luke: *wears mariachi hat*
  • micheal: *rides luke like a stallion*
  • ashton: *snips clothes before show for MINIMAL CLOTHING*
  • calum: *watches luke put on weird hats*
  • 5sos: *do all this ONE FUCKING VIDEO*
  • 5sos: Serious band guise.

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