How to remove glitter nail polish (the easy way!)

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been mega M.I.A lately, its midterms so you know how that goes! Anyways, here is a post that I’ve wanted to put up for a while now. Hopefully you still remember my Valentine’s Day Nails (if not just click the link).

Yea, they were really cute. All pink and sparkly, what more does a girl need?! But, if you’ve ever tried to take glitter polish off, you know its a disaster! -_- So I thought I’d share how I take off my glitter polish quickly and pain free. 

Please Note: I did not come up with this technique. I heard of it a long time ago and been using it for awhile so I thought I’d share, one nail-aholic to another.

External image

I hope this helps you guys! Let me know how it turns out!

Happy Crafting! <3 Maria