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This doujinshi (muryou)’s Chinese version would be available at Beijing SLO5 on July 20. Totally free.
A story about Winter Soldier rescuing Captain America. The scanner designed by Howard Stark was from the movie Prometheus, Fifield’s puppy.
This title was from the Japanese band KAT-TUN’s song RESCUE.


Imagine Going To Pride With Your Girlfriend Natasha

For Anon

Bright colors, glitter, and almost naked bodies flood New York. The Avengers tower is lit up in rainbow colors and all the Avengers are trapsing around New York enjoying the festivities.

Thor is leading an army of pansexuals through all the parks.

Tony and Steve are starting a bisexual safe place in one of Tony’s clubs.

Clint and Phil are collecting aromantic and asexual people together to give positive self esteem seminars.

Fury is actually participating too and hanging out at a Demisexual picnic lunch.

Maria is leading a support group for transgender and transsexual people.

Pietro is living it up at a gay bar.

Vision is hanging with the gender non binary community.

Wanda is explaining how to be an ally to all the cis straight friends that were dragged to Pride.

All the while you and Natasha are scheming with the lesbians on how to take over the world.

“So are we going to kill all the men?” Caren asks. You and Natasha had easily learned the louder girls names.

“I say no we need slaves” Natasha replies.

“I like how you think darling” you say and kiss her cheek.

“Thanks honey. Happy Pride” Natasha whispers in your ear.

“What about misogyny we have to destroy that first” someone shouts.

“Agreed” you and Natasha state at the same time. “We will just have to start a Twitter movement.”

Presidential: 6

You’re crazy busy for the next few weeks. You wouldn’t have been able to teach, with the social engagements that you’ve got, planning for Inauguration Day.
Inauguration Day comes quickly, and it’s jammed full of things to do. You’re up at six, hair done first, nails and make up next then you got dressed. You’d decided to go with black wool tights, black heeled ankle boots, a cream sweater and a maroon skirt that fell to your mid-thigh. You cover that with a black peacoat, and a cream hat sits on your head. You’re twisting your scarf in your hands anxiously waiting to go outside. Steve takes your scarf gently from your hands and loops it over your head.
“I’m trying.” You whisper, “I think I’m going to vomit.”
“Deep breaths.” He tells you, “In through your nose, out through your mouth.” You close your eyes and focus on breathing, slow and steady.
“Two minutes.” Bucky says from down the hall. He moves like a cat, something you’d found out one night when you’d gone to the kitchen for water and had dropped the glass when you turned and found him in the doorway. The glass had shattered causing Steve to come bolting into the room, he’d been wearing shoes and after only mild protests had scooped you up and carried you out of the kitchen. Bucky’d cleaned up the mess before you got back with the vacuum.
Thor and Sam join the three of you by the door, Tony and his team of Phil, Scott, Bruce and Pietro follow not long after with the Vice President. Vice President James Rhodes can’t seem to stop talking, his nervous energy pours out of his mouth.
“You ready kid?” Your Uncle Tony asks and you take another deep breath then nod. He offers you his left arm and you loop your right through it. Sam flanks you to your left. Thor is in front of you and Steve is directly to your left. Bucky’s trailing further behind, to keep an eye on the whole team. A position you’ve noticed that Steve trusts to only himself or Bucky, you’d have to ask why that was later. The group of you make it up to the podium and chairs amidst the cheers from the crowd, music and flashes from cameras. Your whole family is here, Maria and her husband. Your parents and your grandparents are all beaming from the chairs behind the podium. It’s a relief to know that they’re here, that you’ve got some friendly faces in the crowd. The wind nips at your exposed skin, the sun is warm but that wind is just brutal. Your security team goes to sit in their respective spots when Sam says something to Steve who nods then comes and sits down next to you. His body heat welcome in the cold, you’re leaned into your uncle until he stands to take his vow, hand on the family Bible. Both of your grandparents holding it, your grandma is openly crying. Once Tony stands you find yourself leaning to the closest source of warmth.
It’d happened naturally, you hadn’t even noticed you were doing it until he’d turned his head and whispered, “You okay?”
“Yea. Just freezing. These wool tights were supposed to be warmer than this.”
“Not much is gonna stop that wind, doll.”
“You’re doing a pretty good job.” You tease and he grins down at you. Your uncle finishes his speech and you applaud with everyone else in the crowd then it’s Rhodes’ turn. His wife holds the Bible for him, when his speech starts you feel your phone buzz. Slipping it out of your pocket you see an unknown number has texted you. Opening the message you see a picture of yourself leaning in toward Steve, written below that the message says ‘I see you.’ In all capitol letters.

How to Avenge 101 [Part 8]

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Word Count: 1,293

You tapped on the table, still irritated from your rude morning awakening. Even though Pietro had gotten your ear piece to finally balance correctly, you’d had to remove it before coming into the meeting. This was admittedly after you had nearly crushed it under your foot in response to Stark’s arrogance. Someone had carefully taken it away from you for now, but you knew it would be back later…

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