maria x loki

So this was a request by alisadelina that I wrote way too much for. Thank you for the request because, as you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. The ending is the way it is because I did not want this to become too long. However I might turn it into a longer story later. Enjoy!

Prompt: can you do a fanfiction request where you are a shield agent and you have to irregated loki and he keep flirting with you


Fury swept his fingers across the multiple screens in front of him.
“How’s ‘real power’ doing? Does he want a magazine or something yet?”
“No change, sir. He hasn’t said a word since you left.” Agent Maria Hill responded from not too far away. Fury frowned. They had managed to ‘capture’ Loki in Germany yet it didn’t feel as though he was truly a prisoner.
“Want me to send Romanoff in, sir?”
“No. Not yet.” He scratched his chin in frustration. Romanoff would undoubtedly be able to get results but something fishy was definitely afoot here and he didn’t want to deal his final card until he was sure he had the best hand. That being said, he wasn’t entirely out of options…
“Hill, bring in Agent (y/l/n).” He said and the brunette nodded to him from across the room before strutting out in search of you.

“Absolutely not, sir. I politely decline.” You said with your arms folded. 

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Wrote this in class today. I’ll finish it eventually.


Her eyes are closed, but there is an unmistakeable sense of presence, that hair-raising feeling that only comes from gazes locked upon you or a nearby body. Usually it’s easy to brush off these phantom disturbances as the work of an overactive defense mechanism; shutting off the instinct ingrained by years of training is impossible. Still, it’s the middle of the night, and Maria would rather visually confirm that the incorporeal presence is nothing more than a figment of her imagination.

She opens her eyes.

Only those years of training combined with experience in dealing with all manners of terrifying scenarios keep her from screaming when she sees that she is not alone.

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Loki&Maria {But love will always be a game}

by xXNoWayToLoveProd from youtube

nxttenminutes  asked:

Maria/Loki, high school AU because high school AUs are the bomb. <3

When he told her she looked ravishing during the aftermath of an intense volleyball practice, Maria informed him pointedly that he was full of it as she brushed the sweat from her brow for the sixth time.

When he refused her denial and cupped the back of her heated neck with an unnaturally cool hand, Maria shrugged him off and told him to get lost if he was planning on messing with her.

When he gave a mysterious smirk and a gracious tip of the head before strolling away, Maria cursed him for not being more persistent.