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Hey! Did you know that the person who plays Peggy also plays Maria? So Peggy is Maria. Yeah I was shocked. Anyway I want to keep this short so can you like make a drawing based on this question? If you don't take request that's cool! I just really wanted to see this that's all. Bye!

Yup it’s jasmine cephas jones, i know…. With her bf anthony (laurens , philip) you wanna talk about my parents? 😂😂✨
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“Who wants to see this movie? Asking for a friend.”

idk if anyone on tumblr has seen this yet but….. go blow up Jorge’s twitter feed and let him know y’all want more Book of Life!!!

It’s not unusual for him to like your tweets back too, he’s such a cool dude.  Keep this man making movies.


”And you are paranoid in every paragraph
How they perceive you

You, you, you…

My interpretation of what these lines in “Burn” mean: the three other lives affected by the Reynolds Pamphlets besides Alexander’s. Pippa’s rendition of this still breaks my heart.


                   Captain America; The Winter Soldier (insp.)