maria text

endou has a huge thing for kazemarus hair

he rly likes how its so long and how it looks and iS soft to the touch and its color and how its all flowy and smooth and wow

sometimes when theyre talking he occasionally blanks out because hes paying a bit too much attention to kazemarus hair that he doesnt realize he reached his hand out to like run his fingers through it or to move kazemarus bangs aside 

kazemaru gets a bit flustered every time it happens

every time endou and kazemaru tried to Do It they just couldnt it always ended up with someone screwing up or something coming up like on the first try they probably both just got shirtless then stared at each other and went nope and went to cuddle while watching movies or something (still shirtless)

the next time when it came to getting rid of underwear kazemaru freaked out and hid under the blankets and refused to go any further so endou complied and just hugged kazemaru while he was still wrapped in blankets

when they finally go somewhere endou is being unusually fussy but well, still endou ‘are you okay in there kazemaru does it hurt it doesnt hurt right JUST TELL ME IF IT HURTS OKAY I JUST WANT TO MAKE SURE ITS GOOD FO RBOTH OF US AND’ 'JESUS FUCKING CHRIST ENDOU SHUT UP IT DOESNT HURT’ and the whole thing is just so fucking dorky and stupid and they laugh a lot during it but overall its really sweet ugh #babies

so y'all are wonderin how the fuck can anime parents with brown hair have a daughter with blue hair but you aint got shit on neopets

i mean

weve got a skeith

whose wife is a zafara

and they have a gelert son

a lupe son

and an ixi daughter

now you guys try explaining to me how a dragon and a rabbit ended up with dog wolf and deer children

do you ever just

see fanart of a ship you didnt care much about before

and that triggers it

theyve found their way into your heart

and theyre stayin there

even if you like it or not

theyre stayin there