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“As time passes my princess are already 4 years old … that fast the time goes and how big and deep is my love for you , you illuminate my days of happiness and with your antics make me understand that there are things in life that really are like you say “mommy nothing happens” and so , thank you daughter for making me the happiest mother in the world, to make sense of my days and be always that girl crazy and daring that you are . That Dear Ggod protect you in every step of your life and that you be very but very happy . THE LIGHT OF MY EYES.” - Daniela

“4 years already, time passes very fast and every day I love you more. Happy Birthday to You.” - James

Birthday Party of Salome :)

jameskmitch  asked:

Have you seen any other costumes (Phantom non-replica or otherwise) that are clearly influenced by the Moreau painting of Salome? (As always, I LOVE your tumblr and appreciate the fantastic detail and meticulous tagging)

That’s a good question. It’s a motif Moreau repeated over and over again, varying his Salome in attire and details. Here’s three variations of the painting, where Salome’s pose is about the same, but her attire vastly different.

The latter seems to be the main inspiration for Carlotta’s Elissa costume sketch, with a basically identical shawl, crown and bead belt, a similar pose, and of course the head is also a nice hint, albeit one is the apparition of John the Baptist, while the other looks like the severed head of Beethoven:

I’m sure there’s dozens of other theatrical productions to use the painting as an inspiration for costumes. Alas I can’t think of any right now. But it’s definitely one of the paintings designers is aware of and is likely to turn to when recreating the opera costume look of the Victorian era. Anyone else with inputs of other costume designers using Moreau’s Salome(s) as inspiration?

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In a letter written by Rainer Rilke to Lou Andreas-Salome:

           It is not enough for two people to find each other, it is also very important that they find each other at the right moment and hold deep, quiet festivals in which their desires merge so that they can fight as one against storms. How many people have parted ways because they did not find the time slowly to grow close to each other? Before two people can experience unhappiness together, they have to have been blissful together and possess a sacred memory of that time, which evokes a kindred smile on their lips and a kindred longing in their souls.  They become like children who have lived through the festivities of Christmas night together; when they find a few minutes to catch their breath during the pale, drawn-out days, they will sit down together and tell each other with glowing cheeks about that pine-tree-scented nighttime full of sparkling lights…

           Such people will weather all storms together.  

Her name is Maria Salome, she ran the 10K Oxxo 2012 race and won by far! She ran without running shoes, without proper clothing and with her hair loose… She competed the race only with a great condition and a big heart… good for her!

Viva México

Ella es María Salomé, corrió en el maratón Oxxo de 10 kilómetros y ganó por mucho!, Sin tenis, ropa adecuada y  cabellosuelto, compitió solo con una gran condición y principalmente con un gran corazón…bien por ella!

Sen git
Ben bir gecenin siyahında saklayacağım saçlarını
Yüreğim, titrek ellerinin arasında atacak
Biraz ıslak biraz da kırmızı
Küçük bir umut türküsü dolayacağım dilime eskiden kalma
Bıraktığın yanını yüzdüreceğim derin denizlerimde
Gözlerimde son bakışın kalacak çaresiz ve üzgün

Sen git
Ben bir isyanın eteğinde saklayacağım gözyaşlarını
Devrilmiş cümleler anlatacak sana hasretimi mektuplarımda
Kırık dökük hatıralarla süsleyeceğim yatağımı
Damla damla akarken gün geceye
Bir yudum suda eritip saflığını ilaç yapacağım yaralarıma
Kanayan yanlarımın üzerine sıcaklığını örteceğim

Sen git
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Lou Salome


Just stumbled upon this. It will make you smile, ear to ear, and I guarantee CCF!Tom feels. Sir Adork-a-lot being perfect. Extra bonus for the background music.

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