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Coming quick at you, all the help that had been sent to my Island, is apparently on hold. Also the U.S. won’t open the borders so other countries can send aid and Trump is tweeting about it’s our fault. Puerto Rico has been an U.S. territory since 1898 and to this day we have no control of what comes through our borders because of The Jones Act.

You wanna help Puerto Rico? Call your Representative and your Senators and tell them to waive/repeal/ban The Jones Act.

We need to reconstruct and rise up again, not to be dragged while we’re down. We don’t need to be reminded of the country’s debt when there are towns that can’t be reached almost 7 days after Hurricane Maria, when power is still out and there’s no running water and communications are down. We don’t fucking need some inept talking about our debt, instead of opening the borders so doctors and engineers come and help, so other countries nearby can come and bring provisions too. So roads can be open and people can be helped.

Again, you wanna help? Call your Representative and your Senators and tell them to waive/ban/repeal The Jones Act.

  • Hamilton: From now on, we will be using codenames. You can address me as Eagle One. Maria, codename: "Been There, Done That". Eliza is "Currently Doing That". Angelica is "It Happened Once In A Dream". John, codename: "If I Had To Pick A Guy". And Aaron is... Eagle Two.
  • Burr: Oh thank god.

A month after Hurricane María:

Still no food.
95% of the island still doesn’t have power.
Mobile communications are limited to some areas.
No internet.
The blood bank is low.
Diseases are spreading.
Places like Walmart are taking advantage of the situation and they are skyrocketing the prices of food.
People are not getting the FEMA help.
The medications are very limited.


will you believe me if i said i reached 256 layers making these 2 5 6  maximum
l a  y e r s and my list isn’t even finished————tho THESE WERE REALLY FUN TO MAKE IF IT WASN’T FOR THE FACT I DID THIS ON NEW YEAR I WOULD’VE DONE MORE :’0

i mixed up a palette art meme and the expression art meme made by @galactibun together and ended up with these

Angelica: Maria Reynolds, welcome to the “We Fucked Alexander Hamilton Club”

Maria: “We fucked Alexander Hamilton Club”? What’s that?

Angelica: It’s a club that Eliza and I formed who’s ever had sex with Alexander Hamilton and we want you to be a member.

Eliza: I’m the president of the club and Angelica is the Vice President and for now it’s just only the three of us.

Laurens: Excuse me I think you’re forgetting someone.

Eliza/Angelica/Maria: …

Laurens: *unbuttons his jacket and reviles a shirt that says “Founder Of We Fucked Alexander Hamilton Club*

  • burr: after the war i went back to new york
  • hamilton: damn thats what i did too, how can i make it sound cooler???
  • hamilton: A-AFTER the war i went bACK to nEW York
Agents of SHIELD but it’s not as serious

so I love Agents of SHIELD don’t get me wrong but what if…there was a lighthearted show about SHIELD? Like agents who aren’t involved in all of the life-threatening missions?

“Oh god Cristina sent out another spam email about her lunch in the fourth floor breakroom fridge…someone stop her.” 

“Hey, what did Director Fury say during that speech? I spaced out after he mentioned percentages.” “Oh, same. I think it was about cutting back on the printer costs. Ask Coulson about it.” 

They tell all the newbies the urban legends that SHIELD has. Like the legend that Natasha Romanoff will protect you if you leave her three bottles of wine and a knife sharpener at her house. (No one knows where she lives, that’s the fun part of it.) Or the legend that Director Fury used to have hair. “No one has pictures, but they think that Coulson might have one,” one of the techies whispers. 

Maria Hill is a walking legend. She’s the Director’s righthand person, and for good reason. She can handle anything with absolutely zero reaction. (She comes into work covered in glitter one day, and no one questions it except for Barton. Hill responds that she was making a card for her niece. Everyone knows that that isn’t true, mainly because Maria used to live in the middle of nowhere, and she hates her family. True story.) 

The agents have a feud, like the scientists versus the fields. Only it’s much wider. The desk agents hate the field agents, because it’s like the sports vs. arts departments in school; the funding goes to sports (the field agents) while the art students get a budget, but it’s about enough to pay a pack of cheap paintbrushes and a gallon of paint. The desks’ biggest success to date is stealing the best coffee machine from the fields. 

There’s a trend started by Coulson after an agent was caught stealing extra staples, and he asked him “Do you think Captain America would think this is a good idea?” The trend starts because a.) everyone at SHIELD knew that Steve Rogers was a reckless idiot who jumped out of planes with no plan or parachute and b.) Coulson’s basically a dad. (Honest-to-god they had a company picnic and the man wore black socks with sandals.) 

And as for the company picnics??? don’t go if you can’t shoot. They have a paintball war. Last year Agent 13 couldn’t be found for six hours. It turns out she fell asleep in a tree. Barton won by not giving up. Fury grills burgers. They’re legendary. You do not want to trust whoever made the potato salad if there’s not a placard by it because almost every year the potato salad is bad in some way. 

There are SHIELD memes that get passed down through every generation. They have a phrase that basically means “don’t be stupid” but instead they say “don’t pull a Harrison” after an old agent accidentally let a serial killer get away by being distracted by a puppy. (it happens too often.) Melinda May is the starter of at least four, because she used to be this huge prankster. She even pranked Fury once. 

Secret Santas are legendary. You always want to participate. 

Everyone talks about the time Natasha Romanoff showed up to work in an insanely ugly Christmas sweater. Clint said he made it. No one was surprised. 

They have contests for who can give the best excuse as to why they didn’t do their paperwork. Maria Hill, surprisingly, is in the lead. 

“I accidentally went to Russia and left my paperwork in St. Peter’s Basilica,” she said boredly. “Whoops.”