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Cabillaud, the green is slightly different than here. Work better, wanker. Yet, the capital letters are well here, as here. And the multitude of squares well here, as here. And the oblique shadows from right (bottom) to left (top) well here, as here and there.

P.S : Maria doesn’t post anymore on her IG (twice per month). Your harassment has now for only goal to provide you pleasure. What about fucking better to replace this pathetic pleasure of torturing people ?

  • Hamilton: From now on, we will be using codenames. You can address me as Eagle One. Maria, codename: "Been There, Done That". Eliza is "Currently Doing That". Angelica is "It Happened Once In A Dream". John, codename: "If I Had To Pick A Guy". And Aaron is... Eagle Two.
  • Burr: Oh thank god.

will you believe me if i said i reached 256 layers making these 2 5 6  maximum
l a  y e r s and my list isn’t even finished————tho THESE WERE REALLY FUN TO MAKE IF IT WASN’T FOR THE FACT I DID THIS ON NEW YEAR I WOULD’VE DONE MORE :’0

i mixed up a palette art meme and the expression art meme made by @galactibun together and ended up with these

  • burr: after the war i went back to new york
  • hamilton: damn thats what i did too, how can i make it sound cooler???
  • hamilton: A-AFTER the war i went bACK to nEW York


Alexander:*points at Jefferson* I’LL KICK YOUR ASS!

Alexander:*points at Madison* I’LL KICK YOUR ASS!

Alexander:*points at Burr* I’LL KICK YOUR ASS!

Alexander:*holds up The Reynolds Pamphlet* I’LL KICK MY OWN ASS!!!!