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Detail from The Emperor’s Second Marriage, painted by Jean-Baptiste Debret. It depicts the wedding of Pedro I of Brazil and his second wife, Amélie of Leuchtenberg.

The detail is of four of his surviving children from his first marriage to Maria Leopoldina of Austria, daughters Paula, Januaria, and Francisca, and son Pedro.


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One of many family portraits done of Maria Theresa, Francis I, and their numerous children.

In this portrait we can see 11 children; four sons and seven daughters. They had a total of 13 out of their 16 children who survived infancy, but not all lived to adulthood.

Archduke Charles Joseph died of smallpox at the age of 15 in January of 1761, and Archduchess Maria Johanna Gabriela died of the same disease at the age of 12 in December of 1762.

This means the portrait was done after December of 1762, but before October of 1767, when another daughter, 16 year old Archduchess Maria Josepha, also died of smallpox.

Dona Maria Leopoldina of Austria was an archduchess of Austria, Empress consort of Brazil and Queen consort of Portugal. Maria Leopoldina became Brazil’s first empress consort. She also played an important role in the process of issuing a Declaration of Independence. // Letícia Colin as Maria Leopoldina in “Novo Mundo

Princess Maria Theresa of Bavaria, née Archduchess of Austria, with her husband, the future King Ludwig III of Bavaria, and children.