maria mooney

• Imagine: GOC’s mole • Part 1

You are sent by the Organized Crime Syndicates of Gotham City to seduce the Joker.They never really know if he is on their side or not, he is too unpredictable and work for himself only. That’s why they decided to hire you as a sort of spy for them, you’d make him just a bit vulnerable, you’d be his weakness. 

They are all here, all the most dangerous and powerful criminals of Gotham city. At the end of the rectangular table sits in a pricy suit the head of the Falcone Crime Family, Carmine Falcone, “The Roman”.He is the unquestioned crime lord of Gotham since many years, he has all the cities politicians in his pocket, including the chief of police.

The Falcone Crime Family has a stranglehold over all of Gotham City’s crime local mafia division, such as the Maronis, another Italian crime family. The Maronis runs the drug trade of the town. Sal “The Boss” Maroni is sitting on the left of Falcone, he is one of the other most prominent mobsters in Gotham City.

There is also Vasily Kosov, he represents the arms dealer family Odessa Mob, Dragos Ibanescu for the Romanian Ibanescu Crime Family, small players involved in animal fights, human trafficking and prostitution, and a few corrupted politicians that agreed to close their eyes on Gotham’s Organized Crime and business men here to finance the projects.

Together they form the Gotham Organized Crime syndicates (GOC). They work together but it’s just business, they’re partners not friends and we all know that stabs in the back are not uncommon among a group of thieves and killers.

Today they gathered up to talk about an unreliable element: the Joker.

He has helped them on some projects and bailed them on others. His unpredictability has jeopardized the GOC’s plans countless times. However all the GOC’s attempts to get him out of the picture have failed, he always had a head start on them, he is too smart.

This clown can’t be trusted !” yells Kosov with his Ukrainian accent as his fist hits the table.

He is to unpredictable, last time after the mission he put on fire all the henchmen we attributed him just for the sheer enjoyment of it, he sees all this as a big joke.” says Ibanescu.

What can we do ? This man knows no loyalty, he plays by his own rules and money doesn’t even interest him” adds one politician.

You’re right Richard” Falcone is talking “the man is mad, his crimes require no motivation other than his sadistic desire to show people the meaninglessness of life through pain and death and the narcissism to see the world remade in his own image.”

The group of criminals seemed to have lost their patience towards the Clown Prince of Crime’s jokes. Yet Falcone, as the head of the organized crime only saw the interests of the GOC and he knew they still needed the Joker, he had to convince the others.

However, he can be of a great help sometimes, we just need to keep an eye on him and I believe Fish Mooney has something in mind, right Maria ?”

Yes, I have a plan that has proven to work pretty well in the past, and if you let me enforce it, I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

Even though Maria “Fish” Mooney is a high boss in the Falcone family, she still is a recent addition so she has to prove her legitimacy to the group. The others criminals are probing each other by exchanging looks.

I have faith in her capacities.” says Falcone, the others then nodding to the big boss words.

Then it is settled, Fish will take care of the Joker situation. We will keep you informed of the progression.” concludes Carmine Falcone.

Of course nobody dares to protest and they all leave like well trained dogs except Fish Mooney who stays in the room with Falcone. 

They didn’t want to divulge the plan in front of all the others, it had to be kept a secret in order to be more efficient. The less people knows about, the better. Yes, they created this organization together but it did not mean that they trusted each other more, they’re gangsters not priests.

So tell me Mooney, what’s that plan about exactly? You mentioned a mole, right ?” asks Falcone.

Yes, Don Falcone, we need a mole that would guarantee us to be always aware of the Clown’s moves, someone he’ll bring everywhere with him and, who knows maybe someone he could confide in ?”

Falcone frowns but stays quiet.

We could hire a girl that would seduce him, play his little games and keep him busy while she reports every single of his steps to us.”

Falcone finally says something “Seduce the Joker ? Really Fish ? You think this freak is capable of having feelings toward another human?”

He is a man, I’m sure he has weaknesses and she could definitely be one. We just need to find the perfect girl, innocent doll looking face with a nutty mind.” she says with a smooth charming voice.

Well, I’ll let you handle that, but you better not disappoint me Fish.”

I won’t Don Falcone.”

Hey, so I’ve decided to write down that imagine, there would be less than 10 parts.
Second part will be about finding the right girl for the Joker (aka you haha).
It’s based on the first season of Gotham