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“Portrait of Maria Luisa of Spain, Holy Roman Empress” (1770) (detail) by Anton Raphael Mengs (1728-1779).

Just a Friend - Smut

Requested: argument about Camilla and Shawn leads to angry sex with a surprise in the end. [an- they’re probably around 21/23 in this.]

After the director yells cut, I head into my trailer and lock the door. I’ve been cast as the female lead in a new Nicholas Sparks film and just finished up shooting a steamy kiss scene. I manage to unzip my dress and slip into my robe, hanging up the costume back on it racks before sitting down in the makeup chair and eating a few chocolate strawberries - courtesy of the casting directors.

Once I’m all cozy, I take out my phone and open up Twitter. I scroll through my feed and stop once I see the mention of Shawn’s name.

I carefully read what it says.

‘Spotted: Shawn Mendes with Camilla Cabello of Fifth Harmony exiting “Danny’s Lounge” at the wee hours!’

There’s a photo of them exiting the club. He has his head down, his hand trying to block the camera flashes, while she’s all smiles, tugging down at her tight dress.

I place the strawberry back in its box and click on the attached link. It directs me to some trashy pop website.

I read the article.

‘Shawn Mendes, 24, has been spotted for the fourth time this month with Fifth Harmony member, Camilla Cabello, 26. At the beginning of the month, Mendes and Cabello were spotted eating out at Besó in Downtown LA. A few days after, the two were spotted looking cozy while taking a late night drive. Last week, we saw them leaving a hotel building at different times in the morning. Mendes left at 4 in the morning while Cabello left at nine.

Where have they been spotted this time? Exiting “Danny’s Lounge” in New York City. The club is famous for its risqué dance shows and exotic drinks. What does Mendes’ fiancé of seven months, Maria West, think of this?’

My heart falls into my stomach after reading the article. I just want to go home and take a long bath, and let this article slip out of my brain. A knock on my door snaps me out of my thoughts.

“Maria?” The person calls out.

“Yeah?” I call back.

“That’s a wrap for the day. Come back tomorrow.”

“Same time?”

“You’ll be notified.”

“Thank you.”

Before I can even stop it from happening, I start to cry. Our wedding is in two months! Two months!! And he cheats? I shouldn’t be crying over some guy. But this was different. Shawn is my everything. My rock. My best friend. My lover. I obviously wasn’t the same for him.

*     *     *
I got home at five in the afternoon. Shawn wasn’t there yet. He had been calling and texting me, but I refused to look at them or even answer.

I currently sat at Shawn’s desk in his home office, scrolling through his laptop for any sign of ‘her’. So far, there was nothing. The only thing I had was a song they were both currently writing for a film soundtrack.

“Princess?” Shawn calls out as the front door closes. I shut his laptop closed and walk out of the office and into the hall. Shawn stands there, looking for me, as he takes off his coat and shoes, hanging the jacket on the rack and his shoes lying under. He spots me and a worried smile spreads on his face. “Baby, I know you read that bullshit article.”

“Are you screwing her?” I ask him.

He stops in his tracks, taken aback by my blunt question.

“What?” He replies.

“I need to know before I call our wedding planner.” I cross my arms under my chest. “Are you and her having an affair?”

“Baby,” he shakes his head, walking towards me, “no. Never in a million years.”

“Then why would you be spotted with her exiting Danny’s Lounge at four in the morning?”

“Maria, princess.” Shawn stands in front of me, his hands resting gently on my upper arms. “She’s just a friend.”

“Shawn, I want to believe you. But this is the third time this month you have been spotted with her.” I free myself from his grip and walk towards the living room.

“Maria Mendes.” Shawn calls out to me. I stop and turn around. “I love you. There is nothing going on with us, baby. Believe me.”

He’s now in front of me, looking sweetly in my eyes.

“I have believed you so many times. I’ve given you everything of me, Shawn. I gave you my heart, my love, my virginity. And you’ve given me a ring and cheating rumors.”

“Rumor! You said it yourself. It’s another rumor.”

“How do I-”

“She’s just a friend!” Shawn raises his voice slightly. “I’m not fucking her. Nor do I want to. The only person I want beneath me” - he pulls me closer to his body - “the only person I want moaning my name” - he grabs my right leg, holding my thigh with his left hand - “the only person who’s hair I want to pull” - his right hand tugs onto my hair, pulling my head back so I can look into his now lust filled eyes - “the only person I want to fuck,” he bites his lip while starring at my lips, “is you.” Shawn looks me in the eyes and I gulp.

Shawn lets go of my hair and thigh and brings his hands to either side of my face, kissing me forcefully. He spares no time sliding his tongue into my mouth. My hands wander down to his pants and I fumble with his belt buckle before finally unbuckling his pants. He pushes me down onto the large, black L shaped couch and I land with a soft thud.

I take off my shirt and throw it on the floor. Shawn slowly takes his shirt off, allowing me to take him in, before crawling back on top of me. His lips are back on mine before I know it and he’s taking off my shorts, sliding them off my feet with one hand while he starts to rub himself hard with the other. I slide off my underwear and grab Shawn by the shirt, pulling him down.

Our lips connect and I hear the familiar sound of his zipper coming down. He slides his pants half way down his thighs before taking out his hard member with his left hand, pumping himself harder. With his right hand, Shawn licks his fingers before rubbing them on my clit. “Ready?”

I nod, awaiting the feel of him inside me.

Shawn thrusts himself in, making me moan out loud. My legs are spread and wrapped around his torso.

“I fucking love you.” Shawn tells me as he starts to thrust forcefully in me.

I can only pant and reply with simple “uh huh”’s as he fucks me. My eyes are closed, taking in the moment we haven’t had in over four months. I wrap my arms around his shoulders, keeping up with a breathing pace as Shawn goes in and out.

Our skins coming in contact echoes the room along with my soft moans and Shawn’s throaty grunts.

“I love you.” Shawn says, kissing me. “I fucking love you, Maria.”

I manage to flip us over, making me on top. Shawn holds onto my waist as he sits up on the couch, looking me in the eyes. My hands lie on his shoulders, holding them down for support as I start to ride him.

“I love you.” I tell Shawn, leaning in to kiss his lips as I grind on top of him.

He wraps his arms around me, pulling me closer to him, but only before he put me back down on the couch. Shawn grabs my left leg and puts it over his shoulder, thrusting into me at a better position. His hands hold my hips down to keep them from coming up each time he thrusts into me.

“God,” Shawn says, “I fucking love you.”

I place a hand on the back of his head and pull his face down to mine, connecting our lips together.

Almost as if something came over him, or it was just the moment of the kiss, Shawn takes my leg off his shoulder and slows down. He is no longer rough, but instead gentle, and sweet. It reminds me of the first time we ever had sex. The night I lost my virginity to him.

The memory of the night floods back into my mind. How we were young, slightly drunk, and in love. Each soft gentle thrust he gave me reminded me of that night so much.

“Shawn,” I pant as he continues to deeply thrust into me. I orgasm as he slows down, nearing his orgasm. By the time he cums, he is sweaty and lies down on my body. My legs and arms are still wrapped around him, holding him.

“Maria,” Shawn softly says, his head resting in the crook of my neck, “I love you.”

“I know.”

“I don’t want these rumors to hurt us anymore.”

“They won’t.”

“Do you love me?”

“Very much.”

“I love you.” A smile creeps up on my face.

– A Week Later –

I run down the stairs, running towards Shawn’s office. He’s sitting on a chair, his guitar in hands, and his journal open in front of him. I stand in the doorway, watching him, my top teeth over my bottom lip as I eagerly smile. Shawn looks up at me and smiles.

“What’re you so happy about?” He asks.

“We might have to move the wedding back a few months.” I say, slowly walking in, my hands behind my back.

His eyebrows furrow. “Why? Wait, are we breaking up? Was the sex-?”

I laugh, cutting him off. “No. Trust me, it was great.”

“Then why are we pushing it back a few months?” Shawn sets his guitar down and relaxes in his chair.

“Because I want to fit into my dress.” I smile.

“Why wouldn’t you… No!” He smiles. I nod and remove my hands from behind my back, showing him the positive pregnancy test.

Shawn jumps up and hugs me, whisking me off the ground. He gives me a kiss as he sets me down on the ground. “Maybe we should have more rumors going around, huh?” He jokes.

“Oh, shut up.”

“Hey, at least now I’ll have two people calling me daddy.”


maria stark turns sixteen in a week. it’s a shock for pepper, who feels like she gave birth to her only days ago. but no, their beautiful daughter, with her dark hair, green eyes, and freckled skin, has grown up to be a young woman. she’s quiet and studious during the day, but has her father’s carefree streak and spends her free time playing in the field with the horses and the stable boys. many a dress has needed to be mended because maria had climbed a tree.

for her sixteenth birthday, her parents have decided to find a horse for maria to call her very own. while maria is away from the house at the market with the cooks helping to choose the ingredients for her birthday dinner on the weekend, the stablemaster has brought several horses by the house for the starks to examine before making their decision.


maria mendes made this beautiful video for „the head of the neck“