maria manuela of portugal


Children of Royalty: Philip II, King of Spain

With Maria Manuela of Portugal

  • Carlos, Prince of Asturias

With Elisabeth of Valois

  • Miscarried twin daughters
  • Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain
  • Catherine Michelle of Spain
  • Miscarried or stillborn daughter

With Anna of Austria

  • Ferdinand, Prince of Asturias
  • Charles Laurence
  • Diego, Prince of Asturias
  • Philip III of Spain
  • Maria

Children of Royalty: John III and Catherine of Austria

  • Afonso, Prince of Portugal
  • Maria Manuela, Princess of Portugal and Asturias
  • Infanta Isabella
  • Infanta Beatrice
  • Manuel, Prince of Portugal
  • Philip, Prince of Portugal
  • Denis, Prince of Portugal
  • João Manuel, Prince of Portugal
  • Infante Anthony