maria manuela of portugal


The four wives of Philip II, King of Spain:

Maria Manuela of Portugal (Married November 12th, 1543): Maria Manuela was Philip’s double first cousin, and they were married before he became King of Spain. She gave birth to their only child, a son named Carlos, on July 8th of 1545. She would die four days later due to hemorrhage, and Carlos would die unmarried at the age of 23; having been arrested by his father for supposedly plotting against him six months beforehand.

Mary I of England (Married July 25th, 1554): Mary was Philip’s first cousin (once removed), and their marriage was a politically motivated one. They would spend the vast majority of their time apart, ruling over their respective kingdoms (Philip became King of Spain in 1556 after his father’s abdication in his favour). They would have no children together, though Mary had falsely thought herself to be pregnant twice. She died on November 17th, 1558, of what is thought to have been ovarian cysts or uterine cancer.

Elisabeth of Valois (Married February 2nd, 1560): Elisabeth was a distant cousin of his, both were descended from Alfonso VII of León and Castile. Originally she was betrothed to his son Carlos, but was married to him for political reasons instead. Despite Philip being more than twice her age, the couple enjoyed a happy marriage and became very devoted to one another. They would have one son and five daughters throughout their marriage, although only two of their daughters survived to adulthood. Elisabeth died on October 3rd, 1568, shortly after miscarrying their youngest daughter.

Anna of Austria (Married in late 1570) Anna was Philip’s niece, her mother Maria was his sister. Anna’s father, Maximilian II, was also her husband’s first cousin. There are no records of Philip taking a mistress during their marriage and the couple were said to have been quite happy with one another. They had four sons and one daughter together. Their only child to live to adulthood was Philip’s eventual successor, Philip III. Anna died of heart failure eight months after she gave birth to her youngest child, on October 26th, 1580. Philip didn’t remarry after her death. When he passed away 18 years later, their son Philip would succeed him on the throne.


Children of Royalty: Philip II, King of Spain

With Maria Manuela of Portugal

  • Carlos, Prince of Asturias

With Elisabeth of Valois

  • Miscarried twin daughters
  • Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain
  • Catherine Michelle of Spain
  • Miscarried or stillborn daughter

With Anna of Austria

  • Ferdinand, Prince of Asturias
  • Charles Laurence
  • Diego, Prince of Asturias
  • Philip III of Spain
  • Maria