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a hsau!hollstein playlist

1. tell her you lover her - echosmith

         hurry time is running out, but don’t you runaway, runaway before you tell her you love her

2. safe & sound - tonight alive

         cause even if it all came crashing down, as long as you’re around, i’ll be safe and sound.

3. my beautiful rescue - this providence

         i’m crying out. “wash my hands, these bloody hands kord. open my mouth and i’ll sing.” i’m falling more in love.

4. only love (acoustic) - pvris

         don’t you shut this down. no, don’t you give this up, i took all this love i found and i hope that its enough.

5. you’ll never know - versaemerge

         you’ll never know, i didn’t want it to go the way it went.

6. rain falls down - we the kings

         and i’m wishing that i could take your hand and set you on some untouched land just so you are never sad again.

7. a match into water - pierce the veil

         i kissed the scars on her skin, i still think you’re beautiful and i don’t ever want to lose my best friend.

8. nothing compares - pixie lott

         they say if it doesn’t kill you it’ll make you stronger, but i can’t be without you any longer. everytime i let it go, baby, it’s true nothing compares to you.

9. ghosts - pvris

         they sink into my skin, pushing you out just to make their way in. i’ve grown sick of this fight so frequent. if you can’t help it then i’ll push you away.

10. no one does it better - you me at six

         i’ve only got myself to blame, this is another test which i would fail when at my best always ending the same.

11. swing life away (rise against cover) - patty walters

         if love is a labor i’ll slave til the end, i won’t cross these streets until you hold my hand.

12. a daydream away - all time low

         i wouldn’t know what to say if i had you and i’ll keep you a daydream away, just watch from a safe place so i never have to lose.


Maria Hill // Bucky Barnes

requested by @themarvelcomicsexperience

“You went through hell. How’d you get out of it?”

“I’m not sure that I did.”

“Well then, we’d better start climbing.”

An alternate universe in which, while Steve and the rest of the Avengers are out doing their thing, Bucky makes his way to the tower. Maria is currently in charge, seeing as how Fury is elsewhere and, after Ultron, the team wants a human to babysit the place with Jarvis. She doesn’t turn him in, just keeps an eye on him. He spends most of his time in the tower, so that’s not too hard. Somewhere along the way, respect turns into trust. The sparring sessions turn into dance lessons, with Jarvis playing ‘40s tunes. The carriers falling from the sky turn into soldiers falling in love.

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