maria lorenz

Portions of an Armor of Maximilian I of Austria, for use in the German joust of peace (Gestech)

Date:  circa 1494

Artist: Lorenz Helmschmid

Location: Philadelphia Museum of Art

Note: This armor was part of a set of similar suits commissioned by Maximilian I (Holy Roman Emperor from 1508 to 1519) from two famous armorers, the brothers Lorenz and Jörg Helmschmid. The armors were used during the jousts held at Innsbruck, Austria, to celebrate Maximilian’s marriage on March 16, 1494, to Bianca Maria Sforza (1472-1510).


Princess Astrid, her husband Lorenz and their children posed for a family picture during their holiday in Italy this August. Only Princess Astrid’s eldest son Prince Amedeo and his wife Lili missed the photo session. The King’s sister Astrid has 5 children with Lorenz: Prince Amedeo (not pictured), Princess Maria Laura, Prince Joachim, Princess Luisa Maria and Princess Laetitia Maria.