maria just do it

honestly,,,, i don’t like how i wrote this but it’s more of a preview anyways
mari and hannah, if this makes either of you uncomfy in any way, i’ll delete it in a heartbeat.
please tell me if i’m characterizing you guys horribly, if i’m gonna write this stuff i’m gonna try and write it correctly

so anyways, without further ado, this is my (miniature) rendition of say no to this.
featuring mari @exadorlion and hannah @gunsandboatsandgunboats (also i sincerely apologize to hannah cause i h i g h l y doubt i portrayed her well)

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do you ever just think about how good teen wolf 3b was that you get emotional and binge rewatch and then you want to keep it up so you binge watch 3a and remember that that is a masterpiece as well and then the next thing you know you are sobbing bc those were the beautiful golden ages and we didn’t even know it and the show was just so good and also at the same time you’re watching dylan o’brien transform into an actual star right before your eyes and your core four is still there and it’s all just so beautiful and then you never want to stop rewatching 3a and 3b on a loop for the rest of your life???

nope!??! just me!?? ok


I needed something cute so have Maria Hill and Natasha Romanoff talking about their love for the Bartons. (◡‿◡✿)


I just felt like doing a thing of all the on-screen women in Hamilton just cus


I wanna punch my executive dysfunction in the face.

hamilton based on things said by my friends and i
  • hamilton: washington was 6'3"??? OH MY GOD DADDY
  • laurens: i've exposed my daddy kink
  • mulligan: he a pussy ass hoe... Ebigail is enraged
  • lafayette: when ur listening to frozen and gettin wild
  • burr: long story short: hes clingy and annoying and A PUSSY ASS HOE
  • jefferson: *sends nudes* shit wrong chat
  • madison: did u guys kno the earth is flat
  • king george iii: shit he rich?? hop on that small dick
  • maria reynolds: gurl just do what i do and stare at his ass when he stands up 💦💦😋😋💦💦💦
  • angelica: i am a feminist and i will kill u
  • eliza: remember that time i went to church and the pastor kept on calling god daddy bc same
  • peggy: dehoedrated
  • philip: guess who almost got a sugar daddy?? me.
  • washington: please calm ur hoe ass i have a family

“What about him?”

Phil looked in the direction that Maria was pointing, but, considering that the bar was pretty crowded, he couldn’t tell who, exactly, he was supposed to be looking at. “Which one?”

“Brunet, sitting at the bar.” She rolled her eyes as if that had been obvious from the start, even though it really, really hadn’t.

He looked at the man for a few moments, considering, before finally replying with “No.”

“No? Why not? Are you just determined to reject every single guy I pick out for you?”

“He’s just…” Phil shrugged “Not my type.”

Maria turned to face him, glee in her eyes. “You have a type?”

“Doesn’t everyone?”

“You’re not everyone. You’re Phil Coulson. I’m pretty sure if you ask any junior agent about you they’ll insist that you’re a robot.” She paused, brain turning over this new information Phil had just given her. “But since you do have a type, surely he would be it, right? I mean, I haven’t even talked to him and I can already tell that he’s practically your soulmate!”

“And why would you get that impression?”

“Just look at him – he’s around your age, he’s attractive. He’s probably taller than you – which I know you like, don’t try and deny it – but not so much taller than you that he’d make you look short. He’s wearing a perfectly tailored Armani suit – “

Phil cut in quickly, muttering “—I’m more of a Dolce man, myself.”

The glare that came from Maria made him shut up pretty quickly, and she continued. “He’s sitting, in a bar, and yet he’s doing paperwork instead of interacting with other people. Tell me he’s not perfect for you, go on, I dare you.”

“He’s not perfect for me.”


“Gotta say, the Armani was a deal breaker.” he deadpanned, but when Maria scowled at him he just thought ‘to hell with it’ and gave her the actual reason “Plus, I’m kinda taken.”

In the minute or so that Maria sat staring at him in silence, gobsmacked, a million different expressions crossed her face, before she finally said “Barton.”

It hadn’t really been a question, but Phil still answered “Yes.”

“Phil Coulson, you motherfucker. How long have we known each other? We started training at SHIELD on the same day. I am your best friend in the entire world, and yet you didn’t think to even mention to me that you had a boyfriend?”

“Fiancé, actually…” Phil braced himself, preparing for Maria to explode in rage.

“You are damn lucky that we’re in a crowded bar, or I would probably kill you right now.”

“If it helps, I decided to tell you today because I want you to be my maid of honour.”

Maria’s expression softened, and it was obvious that she was holding back a grin as she mumbled “I’m still mad at you.”

Kay so a while back i headcanonned that nico and bianca had middle eastern background. I’m gonna clean it up a little:

  • Maria di Angelo was an Italian immigrant. her mother was from Salamiya, Syria, and her father was from Damascus, Syria
  • Maria’s father had Lebanese background and her mother had some Roman ancestry
  • Maria was fluent first in Arabic, then in Italian
  • When Bianca was born, Maria spoke to her mainly in Arabic, with some Italian. Same with Nico, up until Nico was four and Bianca was six
    • They spoke Italian alongside Arabic so they were bilingual up until they were four and six, after which Maria started speaking to them in English before moving to America
  • After Lotus, Bianca and Nico forget much of this, but still has the capabilities of speaking all three languages
  • Bianca and Nico have very Syrian/Lebanese features.
    • Bianca had a round nose (pointing slightly downward?) and high cheekbones, with thick eyebrows and pretty brown eyes. Her skin was olive-toned. She has thick black hair, but covers her head with a hijab*
      • *Not sure if Bianca would wear a hijab but she probably would? Then again their family might have been catholics or, if muslim, Ismaili, who (as far as i know) don’t generally wear a hijab. Up for debate lmao
    • Nico has a strong brow bone and high cheekbones, with a strong crooked nose. Deep-set brown eyes, thick dark brown/black hair. Naturally olive-skinned, but would have a pale complexion that’s leaning more towards a yellow than a pink on a colour spectrum.
  • Nico starts looking more into his extended family after the war and discovers he had three uncles, two aunts (syrian families are pretty big esp if you go farther back and this is kinda small lol) and several cousins, as well as some relatives alive today, though they are distant and spread out across Italy and several are refugees from Syria
    • he picks arabic back up and starts trying to speak it more

My last two drawings of Tres leches♡ The top one was my fave to draw jajaja the bottom is funny cause Manny and Maria are doing sexy stuff just to make Joaquin blush oops :^> Very cute draw the squad from@croxovergoddess ~ ♡

Tres leches is love♡


“Cobie is the perfect combination of all things that a woman should be. She’s gorgeous, she’s funny, she’s Canadian – which makes her chill and like, nice and grounded. She’ll be the one that brings like nine coffees in the morning to all the make-up and hair women when she arrives, and we’re all like ‘really Cobie? You’re that awesome that you just make us all look bad’. And she means it, she doesn’t do it for agenda; she doesn’t do it because she wants anything. She’s just always nice.” (Neil Patrick Harris about Cobie Smulders)



lookit how pretty and pastel maria is i had the most fun with her

I have a whole bunch of pokemon teams done: GWash, Ham, Laurens, Herc, Laf, Burr, Mads, TJeffs, all the schuyler sisters, Theo, Pip, Eacker, both Jeffersons daughters, and I’m still working on a few key ones.