maria isabel urrutia

(#44 Colombia) María Isabel Urrutia, why she kicks ass:

  • She was an Olympic weightlifter, and she won a gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the first gold medal in Olympic history of Colombia.
  • Before weightlifting, she competed in shot put and discus throw, and participated in the 1988 Summer Olympics for these sports.
  • Aside from her Olympic gold-medal in weightlifting, she also won silver at the 1989 World Championships, gold at the 1990, silver 1991, gold  1994, silver 1995, bronze 1996, silver 1997 and bronze at the 1998 World Weightlifting Championships.
  • She has a degree in Physical Education with an emphasis in Sport Pedagogy.
  • She is specialist in Human Rights and Women Gender School of International Criminal Court and Human Rights and Gender at the School of Gender American Court of Washington.
  • After retiring from the weightlifting, she was elected representative in the House of Representatives in Colombia for the constituency of blacks in the 2002 elections and re-elected to this position in the elections in 2006.
  • In 2010 she was candidate for mayor of Cali, Colombia representing the Polo Democrático.