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Oh, the difference a year can make! Lily was infinitely more comfortable this time around. Elizabeth loved her costume and even put us on her Instagram story! We didn’t know Cobie was going to be there until a few days before, but I knew we had to get a photo with both these awesome ladies if we could. They were both so lovely and great yesterday - and their panel was hilarious too. Another great con day down in the books. :)

maria-artz  asked:

Hi! Do you have any medieval outfit references/stock photos? (both royal and regular clothes)


Hello there! Here’s this post that was put together with references to quite a few outfits from different eras. I hope this is a good start, my apologies if this wasn’t any help.

CLOTHES <-master post with clothes from different time periods

CLOTHES  <-general tag for attire, just in case.

// i’ve had tumblr for the past five years and since september of 2016 (as a senior in high school) i’ve lurked studyblrs, watched youtube videos, and reblogged posts of bullet journals/notes/study spaces/etc on my main, so now that i’m entering uni i broke down and made a studyblr //

about me:

  • my name’s nico!! [he/him/his]
  • i live on the east coast of the us
  • i’m going to be 18 in august
  • i have a main blog where i’ll probably be reblogging things back and forth from this blog and vice versa..i’ve been unsuccessful in having multiple blogs in the past because i like everything in one place but i feel like having a 1d/multi blog restricted me from being a real part of the studyblr community (perhaps at my own doing)
  • i’m attending a private liberal arts jewish uni in the fall where i’ll be commuting (i got a full scholarship so i’m #ZeroDollarsInDebt but, in case you were wondering, i’m not jewish)
  • my major is creative writing and my minor is queer studies but i’m hoping to explore french and art in college and hopefully double major in something (tbd)


  • i love reading, writing, & art (even though i often times fail to do any of it, especially the latter, which i’m hoping taking art classes will fix)
  • i spend way too much money for someone who hasn’t been brought up rich. i spend most of my time not at school working, and own wicked expensive art materials that i never use because of this (think: copic markers and fancy paint brushes)
  • my taste in music leans toward indi/alternative – some of my favorite bands/artists’ as of right now are: bastille, khalid, harry styles (you gotta!!), the xx, youth lagoon, mgmt, awolnation, etc.

the classes i’ll be taking this fall:

  • aids: science, society, and policy
    • i’ve been doing a research project over the summer (for fun because i’m lame) about the lgbt community and its history and aids has always been a topic of intrigue for me so !!!
  • intro to drawing
    • which scares me half to death because art is something that takes a long time to get good at and i, tragically, am not (good at art, that is)
  • beginners french
    • which will be really cool!!! i’m half acadian so my dad’s side of the family all speak french and i can’t wait to learn more about my culture…i’ve also been doing duolingo every day for about two weeks as preparation since i took spanish in high school
  • university writing seminar
    • which is so fucking cool!! it’s a required course called “britney, bronies, and beliebers: fans, culture, and society” and is literally all about fandom culture
  • creative writing workshop
    • hence the creative writing major lol

why a studyblr?

  • i never realize how bad my anxiety is until i acknowledge how abnormal my obsession with productivity is
  • doing nothing stresses me the fuck out
  • i’m a total school hoe (although not stereotypically nerdy – like i haven’t even read harry potter)
  • i never make original posts and i want to start!!
  • i also really want to make like-minded friends on tumblr and hopefully creating my own content will be more inviting

the studyblrs i’ve been “lurking” on and that everyone interested in studyblrs should follow tbh (in no particular order):

@charlenestudies // @taelorstudies // @marias-studyblr // @scholarc // @studeebean // @collegerefs // @readingdragons // @studie-s // @studentcandy // @emmastudies // @studyign // @academicatelier // @studyrose // @ahrtstudy // @milkystudies // @studydinspiration // @studydiaryofamedstudent // @studyblr // @milkteastudies // @eintsein // @birdkostudies // @studyplants // @studypetals // @sootudying // @stillstudies // @castillos-co

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Maria: Stay~

Eliza: No! That may have worked on my husband but it won’t work on me!

Maria: Hey~

Eliza: *stares at Maria*

Maria: *gives her a seductive look*

Eliza: Oh damn it! I just can’t say no to this!

  • Nadine: Rhonda Lloyd is flawless.
  • Phoebe: She has two Fendi purses and her parents drive a silver Lexus.
  • Sid: I hear her hair's ensured for $10,000.
  • Eugene: I hear she does car Japan.
  • Sheena: Her favorite movie is Clueless.
  • Connie: One time she met the Lawrence Brothers on a plane...
  • Maria: ...and they told her she was pretty.
  • Curly: One time she punched me in the face. It was AWESOME.
Harmless Gossipers

(A/N): This is sort of aweful? Idk anything about snakes? I tried.

Pairings: Maria HillXReader

Request: Can I request a Maria Hill where the reader has a power/mutation to talk to snakes and has two for pets. While Maria is afraid of them until she learns that all they do is gossip.

Warnings: None?

Tags: @sxph-t@iamwarrenspeace

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(Y/N)’s powers were… different. After being bitten by a snake that was in illegal animal experimentation, they had gained the ability to talk to and control snakes which enabled them to befriend almost any snake. It seemed as an unlikely power since they always hated snakes or any sort of reptile but since they got their powers, they found out they meant no harm and immediately began to love them. (Y/N) began to love them so much, she kept two as their pets, one being an albino python and despite the team’s major objections, a vibrant orangish-red bush viper. No one like the idea of having a venomous snake roaming around the tower but (Y/N) promised they wouldn’t cause any harm.

Maria loved (Y/N) with all her heart but she hated their snakes. She was afraid of snakes to begin with and when she heard (Y/N) got a venomous snake as a pet, she had a near freak out. On multiple occasions, they would try to get her to hold the python but she constantly refused. Why on earth would she want to hold something that could squeeze the life out of her, even though it was a small python. She tried to avoid the snakes at all cost but it didn’t help that she wanted to spend time with (Y/N) but every time they did, it seemed like one of their snakes was looking at her creepily. She also felt as if the snakes were planning to kill her or take over SHIELD or something. It sounded stupid but (Y/N) would talk about their conversations, crazy thoughts and ideas and it never ceased to creep her out but most of the time, she never knew what they talked about. As much as she wanted to get rid of them, she knew (Y/N) loved those snakes and didn’t want to see them unhappy so, she pushed her fear away just for (Y/N).

Maria had a day off and she wanted was to spend it with (Y/N) so, she heads over to the Avenger tower to go see what they were up to. She walks through the elevators, in a more casual outfit than usual, and she sees Natasha making coffee in the kitchen. “Hey Nat.” Natasha turns, looks up, giving a warm smile and Maria sends one back.

“Hey Maria, looking for (Y/N)?” Maria nods and Natasha begins to sip her coffee as she leans against the counter. “They should be coming out in a sec.” As if right on cue, (Y/N) walks in, hands rubbing their eyes, trying to rid themself of being groggy and they give a sleepy smile when they see their girlfriend.

“Hey, M.” (Y/N) mumbles out with a smile and Maria goes for a hug before emitting a squeak, recoiling quickly noticing a white and orange snake wrapped around their shoulders. (Y/N) stands confused at their girlfriend’s actions and Natasha begins to chuckle at Maria’s scared expressions.

“The great Maria Hill is scared of snakes? When were you planning on telling (Y/N)?” Natasha teases and Maria looks over, sending daggers her way but it only causes Natasha to chuckle more.

“How are you not scared of that?” Maria spits out as she points to the orange viper on (Y/N)’s shoulder and it sends a hiss towards her causing her to back away from them more. Natasha smirks before sipping her coffee nonchalantly.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m intimidated by him but we’re cool. Dash and I are good pals.” Maria stares at Natasha like she’s grown two heads and she chuckles before pushing herself off the counter. “Anyways, have fun you two.” She taunts, as she walks out of the kitchen and into the training room. Maria averts her eyes to (Y/N) who has concern etched on their face as they stare into her blue eyes. They gently grab the snakes off their shoulder and place them on the counter before walking over to Maria.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” (Y/N) utters out with guilt in their voice and Maria purses her lips together before grabbing their hand in hers.

“I know how happy they make you. I didn’t want you to think I wouldn’t love you because of them.” Mari confesses as she steps impossibly closer to them, placing her arms over their shoulders and leaning her head against theirs. Damn, she has a soft spot for (Y/N).  A small smile grows on (Y/N)’s face as they stare into her beautiful eyes.

“I love you.” (Y/N) whispers out as they take a glance at Maria’s lips, wanting nothing but to kiss them and Maria notices before slowly leaning forward, capturing their soft lips into a kiss. (Y/N) emits a soft moan as they place a hand on Maria’s face and she smiles against them as she pulls back, giving a content sigh as she stares lovingly at them.

“I have the day off, want to watch some movies and eat junk food?” Maria asks with a smile still plastered on her face and (Y/N)’s smile widens.

“Of course, I just need to put Dash and Jinx away so they don’t scare Clint or something.” (Y/N) states as they pick up the orange viper and they stop before grabbing the python, confusing Maria. “Would you like to hold her? She’s harmless but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Maria freezes, hesitating slightly but bravely nods her head, trusting (Y/N), knowing they wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. Their face breaks out into a wide smile before excitingly laughing.

“O-Okay! Well, just hold out your hand and she’ll wrap around you a little but don’t be scared. She’s just trying to stay secure so she won’t fall.” (Y/N) utters out as they pick up the white python and gently place it in Maria’s hands. Maria holds her breath as the snake begins to slowly wrap around her arm but rather loosely so it doesn’t hurt and she stares surprised at how gentle it is.

“This isn’t… that bad.” Maria slowly says as she turns her hands, observing the white snake that’s perfectly happy where it is. “I still think they’re planning to kill me and take over SHIELD.” (Y/N) giggles at her statement.

“What?” Maria chuckles out and (Y/N) places the snake their holding on their shoulder, allowing it to wrap around them as they walk to their bedroom.

“They love you, M! They talk about how much they love you all the time and if not that, they just gossip about the team. They especially like to talk about Clint and Sam.” Maria is amused by this new information and she can’t help but laugh. (Y/N) laughs themself before an idea pops in their head. “Later, we should scare Clint by putting them in the vents.” Maria laughs harder, looking down at the snake currently in her hands before a devilish smirk appears on her face. She would probably get in trouble with Fury but ,oh, this is going to be fun.

That’s when Maria realized, snakes weren’t that scary after all.

Kill meeee

Symphogear XD Unlimited - Memoria Card "First Real Yoga Test" EN TL

Lately, Chris and Maria have been feeling anxious about a little bit of extra weight. Unbeknownst to the others, the two embark on a yoga challenge.

Chris: Haa, haa… Are we finally done clearing out this scum yet?

Hibiki: Chris-chan, your figure looks a little heavy, are you out of shape?

Chris: F-figure, heavy… th, that’s not it!

Hibiki: Oh? It’s like you’re moving a little slower than usual…

Chris: Y-you’re probably imagining it!

Tsubasa: No, I see it too. Yukine’s responses looked a little more sluggish than normal; could it be a change in your weaponry?

Chris: Uu… y, yeah, that’s it! Actually, I kind of included a new missile and stuff…

Kirika: Oh? What kind of missile? I wanna see!

Shirabe: For the sake of cooperation, it’s necessary to make a confirmation.

Chris: N, no! That might not be a good idea…! So, just, nevermind!

Tsubasa: So that’s it. The improvement of your firepower has added too much weight, hurting your movement speed.

Chris: Too much weight… Oh! Of course!

Maria: ……

Chris: …haa. Of course, that’s what it is, isn’t it…

Chris: …I’ve been too careless. As expected, going on like this is no good.

Chris: I’m so hungry… no, I can’t! From now on, I’ll-

Maria: …do you perhaps have a moment?

Chris: Wha!? I thought you were headed home!

Maria: I wanted to have a word with you.

Chris: Why’s that…?

Maria: Hey, you.

Chris: …*gulp*

Maria: Haven’t you… gotten fat?

Chris: Wha-!? Th, that’s…!

Maria: It’s okay to hide it. Actually, I also…

Chris: Ah… you too…?

Maria: Um, I’ve been completely careless…

Chris: Damn, this cruel world has made our stomachs too big…!

Maria: Whatever happens, all we can do is fight for a more ideal waistline-!

Maria: …how about it? Perhaps we can do it together.

Chris: Of course, let’s try it out!

Hibiki: Heading to the Alca-Noise emergence point with Tsubasa and the rest! Soon-

Maria: I’m going ahead!

Chris: Make that two!

Hibiki: Those two are super motivated!

Tsubasa: Hrm. I can’t lose at being a sentinel…

Kirika: In any case, how are Chris-senpai and Maria doing?

Shirabe: Well…?

Tsubasa: Are you playing dumb? I’m heading out too!

Maria: This many? There’s fewer than I expected…

Chris: It’s not that I want to deal with any more, but they’re not causing any trouble.

Hibiki: Maria-san and Chris-chan are so amazing…

Kirika: They almost cleared out the Alca-Noise by themselves…

Shirabe: Their fighting style sends a chill down my spine.

Tsubasa: Perhaps they’ve steeled themselves into being ready to act as sentinels on the battlefield. Very well, let’s report back to headquarters.

Hibiki: Alright! Ah, after we’re done with the report, how about we all go out and eat?

Shirabe: I’d really like some fresh okonomiyaki…*

Kirika: I’m in!

Tsubasa: That is how it is. One cannot fight on an empty stomach. In addition to keeping one’s vitality full, an ever battle-ready state of mind is-

Maria: Chris and I have some business to attend to after this! Leave the report to us.

Chris: What she said. See you later!

Shirabe: They’ve already run off, even right after the battle we just had…

Hibiki: But I wanted to go eat with both of them… In any case, those two have been really close recently~

Tsubasa: …hmmm.

Chris: Ugh… Is this really going to have an effect?

Maria: It will definitely have an effect!

Maria: Your base metabolism will be optimally raised by moving your torso! So if you do it right, weight loss will naturally become easy!

Maria: Even Mom, when she was young, was interested in yoga!

Chris: O, oh… alright, I’ll try if it’s that! But, y'know, I wonder if it was bad to turn down their invitation to go eat…

Maria: I know how that feels… but for the two of us right now, high-calorie meals are our archenemy!

Chris: Tch… How long do we have to go on like this!?

Maria: Although, we’re working hard since we’re not alone… isn’t that right?

Chris: …ah, yeah, it is. We’re not alone…

Maria: Yes, yes. Let’s finish this together!

Chris: Yep… alright, I’m relying on you with all I’ve got!

Maria: Here goes, then-!

Chris: Ow, ow ow ow! H-hold on! Isn’t that just a little too forceful?

Maria: That’s what you call preparation? Fufu, hang in there a little longer!

Chris: You-? Are you enjoying this a little? Ouch, ouch!?

Maria: That’s not the case! Okay, now could you turn your upper body some more, steadily?

Chris: Ku… You better remember this when it’s your turn-!? Ow, owww!


“Whatever happens, …” is a callback to a line Maria states in episode 3 of G. 

Okonomiyaki is a kind of savory grilled pancake.

Again, big thanks to star lines-senpai on Discord as well as @carolnein; without them the translation and flow would be nothing.

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