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my kokopelli piece is being actioned off over on the instagram page. bidding starts at $25 and all proceeds are being donated to hurricane relief efforts in puerto rico. if you have an ig page, go check it out! many artists have contributed beautiful works of art. let’s come together and make the earth a better place. 🇵🇷💙🇵🇷

mi placa de kokopelli esta disponible para subasta de arte en la página de instagram de la licitación empieza con $25 usd y todos los ingresos serán donados a los esfuerzos de la ayuda humanitaria en puerto rico. 🇵🇷💙🇵🇷

A short video of me spinning in my renaissance burgundy dress. It flows so nice and makes me feel like a princess 💞
Do you like it?

This dress is one of the first I ever made, I designed it, created the patterns and it was 100% hand sewn by me. 😃

Model, make-up: me
Dress: me
Necklace: @victoria.equinox
Necklace on my forehead: @roseoftheflames
You can find it in our Etsy shop:

Doing some smocking on a piece that will be part of my new dress design, The Renaissance Scarlet Dress. The dress is actually done right now, but I have to find a location to take pictures of it, because outside is cold, wet and muddy. I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out and to put my new dress for sale on Etsy! The video tutorial is going to be done soon too. Sorry I had to mute the video cause I was watching anime while sewing XD

Follow me if you like my dresses and if you want to see video tutorials on how I make them.

- Maria Heller


This is the finished burgundy dress! This dress was made by me. I made the patterns myself and I sewed it all. I also made the pearl necklace and all the other details of this dress. It was entirely sewn by hand, including the hems. This is the second dress I made, actually it’s the second garment in general that I ever made. I am pleased with the result.

I have made a tutorial about how I made this dress, step by step from the drawn design to the finished dress, and you can find it here.

You can see how the dress looked without sleeves here.

And here I posted the progress as I made and added the sleeves.

- Maria Heller


I’m taking commission for remakes of this dress. If you want it I can make it for you! Custom sizes too! Message me for details if you’re interested. 


I’m working on a new renaissance inspired dress. It was designed, drafted and hand sewn by me. This is The Navy Dress and I designed this one for my dear Oana. The top and skirt are almost done. The dress will of course have a piece that covers the chest that I haven’t made yet, that’s why she’s wearing a sports bra in the pictures. I’m currently working on the sleeves. I will post progress pictures of the sleeves too after they’re done. I’m really proud of the top for this dress because it’s the first time I made the inside pretty too. For the other dresses I really didn’t pay any attention to how they look on the inside, but for this one I made the lining pretty and I really like that. As usual, absolutely everything was hand sewn. This is the design I want to make for the sleeves:

I wanted to make these sleeves for The Green Dress, but I changed my mind because I loved how the simple puffed sleeves turned out. 

- Maria Heller


My renaissance inspired Navy Dress is done! I made this dress for Oana. I designed, drafted and sewn the dress. I made the patterns myself and the dress was 100% hand sewn. Those sleeves were very complicated to make but I like how it all turned out. 

I made 2 posts about the sleeves and you can check them up here and here if you want to see how they were done. Also here you can see how I made the top and skirt. Oana styled the wig herself. 

Bonus: 2 photos of Oana without the wig, with our cat, Acke

- Maria Heller