maria h

Hamilton characters as things I have actually said.
  • Alex: I may be small but I will fight.
  • Laurens: Your grandma can kiss my gay ass lmao
  • Lafayette: oui oui large baguette
  • Mulligan: B R A H B R A H
  • Burr: Honey you're at a ten I need you at a two.
  • Maria: This is about to get very NSFW you ready?
  • Peggy: *running around screaming* WEESNAW
  • Eliza: I'm not cute!
  • Angelica: You use feminist as an insult?
  • Washington: I am the fairy squad mother.
  • Madison: *coughs once* I AM DYING
  • Jefferson: Carry me in, I'm Fabulous.
¿Y si en la vida somos en realidad reptilianos venidos de otra galaxia y simulamos esta vida con una droga potente de esa galaxia? ¿no? bueno ya no vuelvo a fumar hierba.