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A Dozen Women Scientists You’ve Never Heard Of

Dr. Alice Hamilton: pioneer in industrial medicine in the U.S
Dr. Florence Rena Sabin: pioneer in the movement to change the aim of medical study from the cure to the prevention of disease.
Dr. Lise Meitner: Pioneer in nuclear physics. First scientist to recognize that the atom could be split to release tremendous amounts of energy.
Dr. Leta S. Holilngworth: Pioneer in the science of clinical psychology. An early fighter for women’s rights.
Dr. Rachel Fuller Brown: Chemist. Co-discoverer of the antibiotic nystatin, the first antibiotic effective against fungus diseases.
Dr. Gladys Anderson Emerson: The first to isolate vitamin E from wheat germ oil and study its functions. Studied the possible relationship of nutrition to cancer and arteriosclerosis.
Dr. Maria Goeppert Mayer: Nobel Prize winner in physics fro her shell theory of the nucleus of the atom.
Dr. Myra Adele Logan: Pioneer in medicine. First woman surgeon to operate on the heart. First black woman to be elected a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
Dr. Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin: Nobel Prize winner in chemistry in 1964. Determined the structure of important chemical compounds of the body by cyrstallography.
Dr. Jane C. Wright: Pioneer of chemotherapy. First black woman to be appointed to a high post in medical administration.
Dr. Rosalyn S. Yalow: Nobel Prize winner in medicine, 1977, for her discovery of radioimmunoassay
Dr. Sylvia Earle Mead: Marine biologist who led the first US team of female aquanauts in the Tektite Underwater Research Project 


Women In Science

Happy International women’s day

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As the Nobel Prize laureates are revealed for 2013 – its important to look back on the scientific achievements of the laureates awarded in past. Especially those of women. Women need inspirational role models in science fields, so what better place to look than those rewarded the prestigious Nobel Prize. 

The two ladies here are the only two women ever to receive the Nobel Prize in Physics: Marie Curie and Maria Goeppert-Mayer.

Marie Curie (won the Nobel Prize twice!) is well known for her work on radioactive elements, and the synthesis of new radioactive elements. Originally the prize wasn’t supposed to go to Curie, but only to her male counterparts. But one of the members of the committee was an advocate of females in science.

Maria Goeppert-Mayer was awarded for proposing the idea of the nuclear shell model of the nucleus of an atom. Her and her peers who did research with her are the reason we know how protons and neutrons are arranged in a nucleus. This is a huge basis of many modern chemistry classes.

Thanks to these lovely women for influencing science so positively  and standing as a role model for any aspiring women in STEM.