maria draws stuff

Art trade for @theguardianknux, who wanted Maria holding baby Shadow — the idea here is that Gerald didn’t allow her to hold Shadow until she was 7 or 8 years old, and so the first time she did she wanted to introduce him to the plush bunny she received from her mother a few days after she was born. ‘Tis an important ceremony. :P

Shadow’s nursery also had glow in the dark stars because why not :3 

done in colored pencil, hence the messiness ^^

That’s when miss Maria Reynolds walked into my life…

red lighting? nICE



lookit how pretty and pastel maria is i had the most fun with her

really messy doodles of short haired mokou with short shorts as added bonus eeyyyy


in summary, nat asks the boys to behave, maria doesn’t like babysitting, clint is bored and bucky’s mostly confused. 


“I uh, I don’t think you pronounce the title correctly–”

“Shut up, Cap.”

everybody was expecting so much worse okay so im not over stoick’s death and neither does bucky. deal with it.

You guys seemed to like the thing, so I fixed the thing.

Special thanks to the operator and hoodie for not having faces, I s2g I spent 90% of the time making this fucking up and trying to fix the faces. And it didn’t help that I was using watercolour on regular drawing paper 0/10 would not recommend. 

also this is a photo of the drawing so the colours are a bit off but w/e