maria delucas


You are, like, the most special person in the world to me.

                          Right back at you. 


kate’s tv otps: 1/100

↳ micheal guerin & maria deluca

↳ roswell 1999-2002

↳ ❝i just wanted to say this whole thing has been screwed up from the beginning. you and me, us. just the whole long stupid story… but i wouldn’t trade it for anything. it’s meant so much to me. you know, from day one. from the moment i kidnapped you and stole your car, i knew you were the girl for me. i never wanted anyone else. i still don’t.  


❝ the point is we don’t know anything about these czekchoslovakians. are they good czekchoslovakians,  bad czekchoslovakians, we don’t know they are just random czekchoslovakians. for all we know they don’t have their passports   

@michaelguerins asked: roswell or degrassi