maria anna of savoy


The title of “Dauphine of France,” was given to the wife of the heir-apparent to the French Throne.

The following are Dauphines of France married to members of the House of Bourbon:

Duchess Maria Anna Victoria of Bavaria - Became Dauphine upon her marriage to Louis “Le Grand Dauphin”, eldest son and heir of Louis XIV, on March 7th, 1680. She never became Queen, dying on April 20th, 1690.

Princess Marie Adelaide of Savoy - Was the wife of Louis, “Le Petit Dauphin”. She would become Dauphine on April 14th, 1711, after the death of her husband’s father “Le Grand Dauphin.” She would never be Queen, dying of measles on February 12th, 1712.

Infanta Maria Teresa Rafaela of Spain - She was the first wife of Louis Ferdinand, eldest son of Louis XV, and became Dauphine upon their marriage on February 23rd, 1745. She never became Queen, as she died the following year, on July 22nd, 1746, a few days after giving birth to a short lived laughter.

Princess Maria Josepha of Saxony - Was the second wife of Louis Ferdinand, marrying him and becoming Dauphine on February 9th, 1747. She outlived her husband, who died before he could become King on December 20th, 1765.

Archduchess Maria Antonia of Austria - The wife of Louis Auguste, she became Dauphine upon their marriage on May 16th, 1770. She became Queen on May 10th, 1774, when her husband’s grandfather died, and he took the throne as Louis XVI.

Princess Marie Therese Charlotte of France - She was married to her cousin, Louis Antoine, and became Dauphine on September 16th, 1824, when his father took the throne as Charles X. I. She would briefly be Queen on August 2nd, 1830, during the 20 minute interval between the time Charles X abdicated and her husband signed the same document.


Royal birthdays for today, September 19th:

Antoninus Pius, Roman Emperor, 86

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Joan of Kent, Princess of Wales, 1328

Albert IV, Duke of Austria, 1377

Henry III, King of France 1551

Maria Teresa of Savoy, Duchess of Parma and Lucca, 1803

Maria Anna of Savoy, Empress of Austria, 1803