Dakota has been coming into the studio since the middle of January almost every day…Pilates is changing her body, relieving her stress. It’s a private place for her to come and do the work. She does everything—the mat and reformer machine. She is very coordinated and very graceful. She likes the leg springs, like Miley Cyrus. She likes spending time in a focused hour, trying to be in the best shape she can.
—  Mari Winsor (2015)

Just added to our VHS collection: Winsor Pilates: Advanced Body Slimming.

Thanks to the patron who donated it!


This is my pilates dvd…it’s got some really great exercises on it!

Dug up an old workout DVD and almost had a heart attack

It’s Winsor Pilates Maximum Fat Burning Basics which uses weights and a higher tempo while doing typical Winsor Pilates moves

O_O It. Was. Intense.

I kept screaming “MARI YOU’RE KILLING ME!!!!!” And my puppy Paula came in and made sure I was ok and kissed me hahaha

I’m still feeling it in my legs, abs and arms. Totally doing it again ^_^

Help me guys please

So I’ve heard that Mari Winsor’s lower body routine is actually very good. Miley Cyrus do this Pilate routine. Please please please any of you hav the dvd? Or any link to download it? Or something? At least the part you work your thighs pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaseeee! I will promo you anytime you ask if you can send me a link to download it or send me the video or at least a list with what type of exercises you do in that video.
If you can give me the whole video I will be so happy but if you give me just the trim blablabla thighs, no problem, I will be happy too :)
Thankks, mwaaah xx

Get Fit With Winsor Pilates

I was first introduced to Pilates when I house sat for my dad’s brother’s family years ago. Searching through their large DVD collection, I found Mari Winsor’s series of Pilates DVDs: one targeting abs, one targeting legs, one targeting arms, and one full body workout. Being the aspiring fitness fanatic I was, I quickly forgot about my mission to find the ultimate chick flick and opted to work out instead. I started my pilates journey with Winsor’s 20-minute full-body workout and I immediately fell in love. It was fast paced, challenging, and unlike anything I’d ever tried before. I’ve tried many pilates-based workouts since, but Winsor Pilates will forever reign over the rest. Below you’ll find the 20-minute workout that triggered my love of pilates.

(photo c/o Liza Kovaks)

Does anybody know anybody who knows somebody who uses Mari Winsor’s Slimming Pilates? I read that she trains Miley Cyrus, whose body is insane, and I keep looking at the website. I probably won’t go through and buy it, but the idea of it sounds amazing. Probably too good to be true, but I was just wondering about it.

Can I just throw some product placement in here? Because I’ve been doing this dvd on and off for years now and my favorite part of my body is my butt. This video totally got my butt into fantastic shape without making it disappear. I love it forever.
Miley Cyrus’ Pilates Instructor Defends Her Lean Look

Poor Miley Cyrus can’t win. For a while, people were saying she’s fat. Now people are saying she’s gotten too thin. Miley’s pilates instructor, Mari Winsor, told People this about Miley’s (seemingly constant) critics:

“I think people need to chill out. She’s healthy and she feels good, that’s the main thing. She’s smart about her body. She wanted to sculpt her body, that’s all.”

Miley follows a gluten-free diet and does Mari’s one hour Pilates class almost every day.

“What we focus on with Miley is posture. That was my main concern when she first came to me. I wanted to get her shoulders down and get her to relax her upper body. If you notice, her posture is a lot better. She works hard. When this girl comes in, she is on fire. She’s focused.”