Falling for you

This is a gift for @avelyst who came with this genius idea of Chat sneaking in Mari’s room and Mari decking him. 

Chat Noir took a deep breath as he opened the skylight to Marinette’s room. Now, one may wonder why he did that. Well, there is a funny little story. Earlier that day they had been at Marinette’s place, working on homework. Which was a wonderful experience of bonding and mutual suffering. Only if Adrien didn’t use most of the time to write Ladynoir fanfiction. And after they were done, he had to rush out because otherwise, he would have been late to the piano practice. And he forgot the page with Ladynoir fanfiction on it. And he wanted to get it back before Marinette reads it. If she hadn’t read it already. It would have been bad if Marinette discovered it, given how much she didn’t ship Ladynoir. He glanced down to make sure Marinette was asleep. Her blanket was thrown off entirely, she was sleeping in a position that looked rather painful and she was drooling. Yes, certainly in deep sleep. Now time to be as sneaky and smooth as his alias.

What he didn’t take in consideration was the fact that he just managed to be as unlucky as his alias. Which, he certainly was given he managed to trip over himself and falling over Marinette’s sleeping body. For a few seconds, he didn’t move and neither did she. Chat almost thought she kept sleeping even thought that. But before he got the chance to thank his lucky stars, he was decked in the face.

“Wait, I’m… “

He didn’t have the chance to answer as he was hit with a pillow multiple times. By the time the pillow attack ended, Chat was so dizzy he didn’t even register a piece of cloth being shoved in his mouth. What he did notice however was being lifted up and thrown over the side of Marinette’s loft. And just when he thought he would face plant the floor and wake up the whole building, Marinette caught him by the tail and left him hanging over.

“What do you… mon dieu, Chat Noir?!”

He was immediately yanked back and fell on his back on the bed. Marinette immediately began fussing over him.

“Oh my god, Chat, I’m so sorry for punching you in the face and hitting you with a pillow and gaging you and… “ she squeaked, realizing he still had that piece of cloth shoved in his mouth. She took it out and threw it aside.

“I’m so sorry. Chat?”

His green eyes were fixed on her. “You have one hell of a right hock, Princess.”

“Are you bruised? I can bring you some ice if you need. My God, Chat, don’t you ever sneak up on me like that, I could have seriously hurt you and… hold on.” she narrowed her eyes. “What are you doing sneaking up in my room in the middle of the night?”

Chat pulled the best innocent look he could muster.

“You see, it is quite aa funny story.”

Marinette crossed her arms over her chest. “Oh, I’m simply dying to hear it.”

Chat gulped. He was fucked.


Series Summary: Frank’s one-night-stands turns into more than he thought, and this girl is more than she seems.

A/N: This is the last fluffy chapter before t get messy (dun Dun DUN)

Frank Adler x reader

Word count: 906 (I know, it’s short)

Summary: Happy birthday Mary Adler!  And for this special occasion, (Y/N) has a special gift for her.

Warnings: none


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Colours in Sherlock

I know colour has been talked about a lot, but these are just my thoughts on Blue, Red, and Black and White based on @longsnowsmoon5 ‘s colour metas. 


Blue = Deceit/Facade. It’s the colour of the skull print, and the colour of water. Moriarty and Mary especially are often decked out in blue. We’ve seen tons of blue on Mary during this setlock.

But Sherlock and John and other good guys also wear blue. Why? Because people wear blue when they’re deceiving in their behaviour or intentions, a villainous quality, but not one that is reserved just for villains. Characters are also marked with blue when they’re deceiving themselves and their heart’s true desire. For John, this is when he is choosing his heteronormative facade over Sherlock. For Sherlock, pushing John away and playing the ‘high-functioning sociopath’ is his facade. He wears his blue dressing gown when he shoots the smiley face, reminds John that the work is all that matters to him, then drives John out of the flat. Sherlock and John both wear blue on the stag night. They’re together, but moving in opposite directions, both “choosing” their facade over being together romantically. 

Blue marks Sherlock and John when they are being lead away from each other, or making choices that will lead them away from each other. Sherlock and John moving towards each other is the right direction, so any time situations drive them apart, or their own behaviour drives them apart, we see them wearing blue. Just as the villains try to drive Sherlock and John apart, which is why they wear blue (everything is johnlock!).


Red = John. It’s his red chair, the red in the wallpaper over the fireplace. It’s the colour of fire, and fire is a metaphor for love, that’s why at Mary’s house in TAB the fires are rarely lit. It’s John’s maroon cardigan of love that he wore at the pool, and that Sherlock pictures him wearing in his mind palace in TSoT. 

Notice that blue is water and red is fire. Blue is cold, and red is warmth. Mycroft, the ice man, is both water and cold, which associates him with blue, which marks him as a force driving Sherlock and John apart. 

When else do we see red? When John is influencing others, or when others are marking themselves as belonging to John. Sherlock wears his maroon shirt in TSoT, wearing John close to his skin, marking himself as John’s. 

And while Sherlock’s maroon shirt is worn close to his heart, Mary wear’s John’s colour as her bright red coat on the tarmac. She marks herself as John’s, but it’s an outer layer of clothing because it’s just a facade, she can take that coat off in a flash and no longer be his. It’s also worn like a cloak of protection, because John’s fake-reconciliation with her is the only thing keeping her alive right now. And as a statement of authority, the sheer hugeness and brightness of that red coat speaks to Mary’s ambition, and assertion that John belongs to her.


Black and White = Mycroft. (This meta) Mycroft is black and white because he’s all and nothing; total suppression of sentiment for complete dedication to brainwork. Mycroft is forced to make decisions that weigh individual lives with the greater good, and there’s no room for shades of grey. Mycroft’s black and white perspective is a looming presence in Sherlock’s life, like the imposing black and white wall at Baker St.

Sherlock aspires to Mycroft’s standard, but the cold unfeeling walking brain is just his facade, whereas the opposite red wall, red chair and red fire represents his heart (John), his true human self. 

Black/White and Red are incorporated into the Baker St set as opposite sides of the room, opposing sides of the battlefield, with Sherlock in between, choosing which direction to go. On one side is Mycroft, he offers only isolation by persuading Sherlock to suppress all emotion and not get involved. On the other side of the room is John’s wall where the warmth of the fire invites Sherlock to leave behind the black and white coldness of the Ice Man’s influence. John’s wall is where their chairs sit facing each other and the fire is lit (because johnlock! yay!). 

[more in this one: A Mycroft Theory]

icollectsporesmoldandfungi  asked:

Ok, a few rapid questions from me. 1) favorite deck 2) favorite card 3) do you ever follow other tarot readers just to watch them work 4) do you have a favorite spread

1) fucking hell how can I pick one of my pals over the other?????? My MTG deck is super special because I made it and it’s such a good all around reader, but I love my cat’s eye deck even tho it’s tired easily and a grump but I’m really loving the Mary-El deck too????  those are my three main decks. and my thoth deck is growing on me a lot so ???????????

2) For Cat’s Eye - Hanged Kitty, for Mary-El - The Hermit or The Fool for MTG deck - Sphinx’s Revelation for Haindl - Seven of Swords for Thoth - two of disks

3) Not really anymore but that’s because there’s so much drama in the tarot community I only watch a few readers now. :I

4) My favorite spread is the Hagall Spread and my “You Are a Planeswalker” spread

Jilynet’s Jily Week, Day Four

“Time at Hogwarts”

Marlene McKinnon was glaring at her friend. Mary and Gwen had given up ages ago, but Marlene refused to go down without a fight. She picked up two brightly wrapped sweets and grimly tossed them into the pile in front of her.

“I call,” she gritted, still staring at Lily through narrowed eyes.

The redhead immediately grinned smugly.

Mary’s eyes widened while Gwen groaned.


“I told you she wasn’t bluffing, Marls.”

Lily chose to ignore them both and instead revealed her hand with gleeful flourish.

“Eat your heart out, Marlene McKinnon,” she gloated, setting the cards down onto the table. “Full house.”

“Oh bugger,” the blonde witch hissed and tossed her own useless cards aside. Lily smirked and eagerly pulled the pile of candy to her.

“Awww, a sore loser, are you?” Lily cooed to Marlene, earning a rude gesture from her in return.

“I’d say we’re all sore losers,” Gwen snorted, her voice dry and pointed. “It’s a bloodbath, Lily.”

“Muggleborn’s luck,” Marlene muttered bitterly.

“If that was true, then why isn’t Mary winning?” the said muggleborn countered with an arched brow.

“Because our sweet Mary is too pure for this world,” Gwen said, shaking her head.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Mary asked mildly.

“What Gwen is trying to say,” Marlene started, putting her hand on Mary’s shoulder, “is that you’re an awful liar.”

“Alright, ladies,” Lily cut in, rolling up her sleeves, “a new round?”

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percyyoulittleshit  asked:

Percy, Annabeth and Jason training together because they are helping Annabeth get used to her new sword, think about it

piper joining in to make it two on two

percy and jason removing their shirts because it’s hot and so are they

and despite being only slightly distracted, annabeth and piper kicking the boys’ butts

swapping teams to make it ‘even’: percy and piper get their asses kicked by jason and annabeth, until percy gets frustrated and summons some water on deck

Home at the Holidays

Hello, @theicecreambattle! I’m your OQ SS for @secretsantaandsmores!

First, let me start by saying I’ve had so much fun chatting with you over the last month! I so enjoyed checking your blog for replies–flailing about OQ, venting about OUAT, sharing headcannons, and getting to know you. That said, I will not miss the ask box’s character limits and penchant for eating asks.

As for this fic, it’s long; but, it’s filled with lots of Hood-Mills Family fluff, an smidgen of angst, and as many holiday tropes as I could cram in! I hope that you enjoy it, and I sincerely hope that you have a wonderful holiday filled with friends and family and love.

(I also want to thank @mearcats and @unbestedmartell for taking the time out of their busy holiday schedules to beta!)

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