Second card of my only women tarot  deck in progress The Magician. Inspired by Mata Hari.
Tarot will be release end of november. Next week pre order will be available. 

Marie Meier , Oracle Des Amazones, 2015

🔮 ✨🔮 ✨$5 Tarot Readings🔮 ✨🔮 ✨

Hey friends! I have a total of $120 due in credit card bills on December the 5th, so I am open to doing plenty of tarot card readings for everyone. All payment is through paypal. 

I have four available decks right now:

Messages (flaky deck that has a habit of being vague)
Mary-El (Intense deck with a habit of baring your soul)
Rider-Waite (neutral deck with good firm answers)
Zombie (Fun deck with simple answers)

If you have multiple questions then for $20 I will give you 5 readings for the price of 4. Please note that all readings will be 3 card spreads (cards that fall out during shuffling are free). Larger, more detailed readings like the celtic cross, or a couples spread will be $10.

Note: If you would rather have a doodle of a character then you can look here or here for a rough idea of my skill (which is low. very low. don’t expect much please). Everything will still be $5