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AAAAAYYYYYYYY! (Me again. o^o)

So, I was thinking of this one part in the song ‘New soul’ (by Yael Naim) and it reminded me of TT Paps (XD). Sorry this pic got a little long. Maybe one day I will make a full version. (Let me just put that on my list of things I want to make. Dam this list is getting long! XD)

Also I just realized that it is a little bit strange that I am sending my fan-art directly to you instead of posting it myself (Sort of creepy the more I think about it. ya sorry about that. ;^;). That’s sort of because I don’t have a tumbler account (yet?). You see I want to wait till I have a better drawing system (thingy?) to draw my comics on first. I know paint is not that bad but it still is hard to use and comes out sort of fuzzy so before I start putting my own stuff really out there I want to get a better way of showing my art (if that makes sense. lol XD)

So wow! That got way to long. Bye!

*Slowly backs up to the window then falls back out of it*

(by Mary Kate)



You can create a tumblr-account before you have better drawing tools. Just to be sure that you saved that one cool tumblr-blog-name you always wanted. How about… hmmm… “awesomekate” or something like that? ;-D

This way it would be easier to talk to you, too. Just saying. (Or you just join my discord server. *winks*)

However, it’s totally up to you. :-3

*puts a matress under any window*

Anyways, thank you very much for this drawing. And all your other submissions. *heart* I’d draw you something in return (as a thank you) if I may, heheh.

Any wishes?

anonymous asked:

We had an apt today to find out the gender of our baby. We will be having a little GIRL!❤ Nolan cried and kept kissing my hand the whole time and I was just a blubbering mess myself. We have no ideas for names but when the Dr asked if we had any in mind Nolan said, "No but there's a strong possibility she'll be named after a fictional character." We are so overjoyed!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! THIS IS AMAZING, I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Absolutely wonderful news!! *hugs you so tightly*

I can’t wait to know what name you’ll choose for little Nugget! *excited squeeee*

Sending much, much love to all three of you <333333

This just in: Dean has frequent and sometimes extremely long phone conversations with Sam (17 minutes, really?) even though they live in the same bunker. 

Mary does not know how to filter spam, but subscribes to Biggerson’s newsletter. Dean keeps her updated on the goings-on of their lives and also I wonder if Mary told Sam the name of that guy?