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Freddie Mercury has been an idol and love of mine for years, but I have a terrible memory thanks to depression and have forgotten about 90% of the stuff I used to know about him and Queen. So I'm wondering, why do so many people hate Mary?

oh it’s my most frequently asked question! oh how i’ve missed answering this (sike…) but i don’t mind answering it…. i’ve just done it So Many times i just need it in my bio at this point. im just gonna copy and paste and old rant i made about her

after her and freddie broke up she was weirdly overprotective? i guess… of freddie and she Never was fond of his boyfriends. she used to like get them into fights to try and break up their relationships and it was all just very Sketchy business….. she also tried to get freddie to take off the wedding ring jim hutton gave to him (the wedding ring he absolutely Never took off) a little bit before he died

m*ry was… kind of on good terms with jim before freddie died but god after?? she did some Nasty things. on the way to the funeral m*ry didn’t let jim, phoebe (freddie’s PA), and joe (freddie’s ex-boyfriend/good friend who took care of freddie until his death) be in the first car on the way to the funeral. which was dumb bc those three men were All at garden lodge the day freddie died but m*ry? nope she wasn’t there

after the funeral she evicted jim, joe, and phoebe from garden lodge (even after she promised phoebe work at garden lodge??? plus like… that was Their home they lived there for Years and you just evict them???? yeah freddie left garden lodge to m*ry but i Highly doubt he wanted you to evict his grieving husband and friends) and she didn’t let them take like Any of their stuff…. she wanted a lot of the gifts and such they bought for freddie to stay in the house (which uh it’s their stuff??? if they want it they should get it) after that she just Stopped inviting all of them to freddie related events

she’s just a very sketchy lady and she made a lot of snarky remarks about jim/jim and freddie’s relationship that were complete asshole things to say (like she made a comment to jim after freddie died about how “freddie’s probably waiting for you already” and it’s like??? the man’s husband just died and he’s hiv+ why would you Say that)

I’m reading this queer anthology and the first story is about a queer Latina girl whose anger was so fierce it *literally* poisoned the rich white men who’s unfairly captured the transgender soldier she was in love with and my heart is literally bursting I’m going to cry


I love Love live sunshine but it’s always a lil sad that all the girls look exactly the same so I wanted to, uh… draw my headcaons I suppose? Also it was a fun challange in character design.
Hope You like them!!


Also, I have the group shop available as a print in my society6, and You can get 1st, 2nd and 3rd years separately as stickers/prints at my Redbubble <:
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As time has passed, all of us have become really comfortable around each other. All the actors - we’ve definitely gotten a lot sillier. There’s definitely a lot more singing when we shoot, a lot more dancing when we shoot, a lot more silly jokes and impressions that won’t stop and then we don’t hear “action” and we just keep doing our dumb impressions while everyone’s like: “We’re shooting.”
Europe's oldest pagans: the deep forest life of Mari people – in pictures
Ikuru Kuwajima photographed the Mari El republic in Russia over the course of the year, speaking to locals about witchcraft and paranormal activity
Elementary School Ditches Andrew Jackson for Mary Jackson, the First Black Female NASA Engineer
The school district in Utah voted unanimously for the change.
By Marina Koren

An elementary school in Utah has traded one Jackson for another in a change that many say was a long time coming.

Jackson Elementary School in Salt Lake City will no longer be named for Andrew Jackson, the seventh U.S. president, whose slave ownership and treatment of Native Americans are often cited in the debate over memorializing historical figures associated with racism.

Instead, the school will honor Mary Jackson, the first black female engineer at nasa whose story, and the stories of others like her at the space agency, was chronicled in Hidden Figures, a 2016 film based on a book of the same name by Margot Lee Shetterly.

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Just dropping this here because I want to make my position clear on every platform. Have whatever differing opinion you want, but when you start threatening people or otherwise start being and abusive insulting bullying fuck. You can go to hell, and you dont deserve any of the content you claim to be such a fan of, you pieces of shit.