mari palm


Backstage at Elie Saab A/W 2015

The updated smoky eye backstage at Elie Saab foreshadowed a relatively dark runway show in Paris. It started out with a strong take on the military trend with models, Karlie Kloss and Anja Rubjik, power walking down the runway. Later on, the femme fatale-styled embellished minis and maxi halter-necks rounded out the stunning fall collection. 

Painting of Hortense Mancini and her sister, Marie Mancini by Jacob Ferdinand Voet

Hortense Mancini (1646-1699) reads her sister, Marie’s (1639-1715) palm in this painting, predicting that Marie will end up being loved by a king. This painting is symbolic of the fact that both Hortense and Marie did end up stealing the heart of a monarch; Hortense became Charles II of England’s mistress and Marie was the first and perhaps the greatest romantic love of Louis XIV of France.