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Newlywed actor Douglas Fairbanks having his palm read by his wife, actress Mary Pickford and executing a handstand on the roof of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York City, June 1920. 

Fairbanks and Pickford married on March 28, 1920; divorced in 1936. 


My fingers are covered in band-aids and my 3 year old keeps trying to help me sew, but hasn’t gotten used to our laminate floors.

This is the most accurate gifset I’ve ever done.

Mr. Pigeon / M. Pigeon

Dean: You know, the invention of the shovel was ground-breaking.

Dean: Ground-breaking.

Dean: [laughing at his own joke]

Mary: [face palming]

Dean: … But it was the broom’s creation that really swept the nation.

Sam: [rolling his eyes]

Dean: Of course, some say it’s the wheel that really got things rolling. C’mon guys give me something here.

Castiel: [squinting]

Castiel: I should’ve left you in hell

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What type of gem would be good for plant related powers?

Hello~ For a gem with plant related powers, I would probably say anything that has a plant name (e.g. Moss Agate), a large historical connection to plants, or a gemstone that plants are a main component in. Here’s a list of some!

-Petrified Wood



-Baltic Amber

-Blue Amber

-Bony Amber

-Dominican Amber

-Pressed Amber

-Petrified Palm

-Mary Ellen Jasper

-Moss Agate

-Moss Opal

-Moss Jasper

-Cornflower Blue Sapphire

-Rose Beryl

-Rose Gold

-Rose Kunzite

-Rose Quartz

-Strawberry Quartz

-Tangerine Garnet

-Watermelon Tourmaline

I hope this helped!

Mod Angel Aura Quartz~

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Yoooo you said you had another scene in mind for that Jake au? cause I'd definitely love to hear about it

anon: 10/10 want that aforementioned other scene

Yeah alright alright lmao

part 1 | part 2

Mary’s wrist is burning in Andrew’s iron grip, her pulse thrashing against his palm. Mary is her real name; that was a truth Andrew bartered for, along with a real name for Jake - Neil. It’s not his birth name, apparently, but rather a nickname. That’s good enough for Andrew, a truth he hadn’t been expecting, but one that Neil gave him anyway.

Neil has his hand hovering over Andrew’s shoulder, not touching because he didn’t ask. Andrew can feel the burn of Neil’s touch anyway. At least he’s still standing behind Andrew, where Andrew knows he’s safe and can more or less ignore him. Less, usually. Ignoring Neil is as impossible as ignoring a broken leg.

“You’re lucky you’re not dead,” Andrew tells Mary, quiet and flat, all of his fury boiling in his gut and none of it showing on his face. 

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First Words | Family Drabble

Originally posted by monsta-x-cuties

Characters: single dad!Wonho x female reader

Genre: fluff

length: ~1500 words give or take

A/N: okay so this was a completely random thing I wanted to write while thinking about Family and I dropped everything else i was working on to write this haha 

This takes place between the prologue and the actual story

Main Story: Family 

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Aozora Clubbing Heart part 2

Plot: Everybody (except Ruby) is shit faced. The night is wild and everybody is lucky Dia is too busy to kill them all.

Pairings:  KananMari, RubyMaru, ChikaRiko, YouYoshiko, Dia x Mystery Girl

SFW: with strong language, adult content [alcohol, sexual innuendos, hot kisses, and a lot of touching] sex happens but it’s not written.

Summary: Ruby cannot believe what’s happening.

7k words

A/N: Still split in everyone’s POVs with some taking longer than others because quite frankly, they were too funny to cut short. Remember this is a college AU and everybody is aged up!

Dia spots a candidate. It’s hard to see well in the club and her beer goggles don’t exactly help, but she doesn’t need much help distinguishing breasts—her only real criteria.

She approaches smoothly, gracefully, working very hard at coordinating her legs and feet. It’s paying off, thank god. She doesn’t trip over herself as she gets close enough that the girl can hear her shy intonations.

“Hi.” Dia can feel her stomach creeping into her throat. The girl glances at Dia with pale blue eyes set afire by the club’s strobe lights. Her features are on point with Dia’s preferences and Dia is quick to admire her long blonde hair, like doll’s hair, left free to fall past her shoulders. She’s tall, but not imposingly so, and Dia guesses she’s probably a few years older than she is. “Are you having a good time?” Dia hopes she isn’t slurring or at the very least that this is actually going as smoothly as she thinks it is.

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Dean looked up at the waitress, assessing her. She was pretty. And then there was a certain vibe about her that said “back off” which gave a little flavor. He chose to ignore what that might have said about him.

“Mandy,” Dean said, turning on the charm. “That short for Amanda?”

The waitress didn’t even look up as she let a condescending “duh,” slip from her mouth.

Dean shrugged it off as he closed his menu. Can’t win them all. The hustle of the diner grew louder in the background as there were a few more less-than-cordial exchanges while Mandy took the other orders.

Finally, her eyes landed on Cas. Dean smirked. It’s not like the angel would eat the food anyway.

But suddenly, Mandy was looking right into Cas’s eyes, and, for the first time since she came to their table, she didn’t look pissed off that she was having to work. In fact, she looked intrigued. No, not intrigued. Interested?

Dean shifted in his seat.

“And how ‘bout you, handsome?” she asked.

Interested. Definitely interested. Dean swallowed, fighting off the strange sensation growing in his chest that was making it hard to breathe. He moved again.

I’m moving too much, he thought, am I moving too much? Suddenly, he was so unnaturally still that he swore someone was going to call him out for his over-correction.

He leaned forward in his chair. “Oh dude, she is into you,” he said. He heard a murmur of agreement to his left. There, he thought, Problem Solved.

“Dean,” came Mary’s voice from across the table.

“No, we’ve been looking for teachable moments,” Dean interrupted as he forced a small laugh “this…” He played it off lightly, throwing a wink an a click of his tongue towards Cas’s straight expression.

With the buzz of Mary’s phone, the conversation took a detour.

Dean should have felt relieved. He should have let it go. Instead, he found himself sneaking another peek back at the waitress as his hands grew clammy.  

“Nobody cares,” he interrupted Sam with a growl. “Cas, here’s the thing you need to know about waitresses, okay? They get hit on all day long, so you gotta bring your A-game, but, upside” Dean added another click of the tongue for good measure, “they always smell like food.”

Wally was nodding next to him in agreement, echoing “they always smell like food.”

Vaguely he heard Sam start to protest in the background. Dean joined in the discussion, words starting to blend together as they all began to argue.

Suddenly, Mary was slamming her palm on the table, bringing their focus back to her. Right. Back to business.

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