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1-MARY KNEW CHARLOTTE : she is the one in the sneek peek that Charlotte asked about. So Mary was a complice of AD yill she met Spencer and wanted to be out. “I owe you a life Spencer” “I hope you will forgive me”.

2-SPENCERS MASK. MELISSA is the one wearing a mask. Marlene said that we will have at least 2 mask. My guess Spencer and Archer or Wren. Or Alison.

3-MARY ATTACKED MELISSA NOT SPENCER- we see in the promo spencer hugging Mary. But then Mary attacking Spencer. Sasha said that we are not gonna blame Mary. And Marlene said its not a twin. Its Spencer. Well not exactly. Melissa wanted to visit Mary but put a spencer mask. Then Mary understood and attacked her. Coz Melissa used her in her revenge for Charlotte against Spencer and friends…
There is a script where Alison answers to Aria. That Spencer and her will visit Mary TOGETHER when the ll be ready…
Its not Spencer. Its a mask.

4. Mona has been kidnapped by AD who put her in a RadleyHouse. Same room same windows its not a flashback. Mona has long hair. Her hair was short when she was in radley season 3. After the Dollhouse here is the RadleyHouse

5-AD wants to brooke Mona s loyalty to the liars. So she s been kidnapped as Sara Harvey. And she will developpe a Stockolm Syndrom. That s why we can see her hurting Spencer. Spencer will be kidnapped by Mona for AD.

6-the scene with mona saying Are you here to kill me. Is the moment where AD will kidnap her (flash back after the 7x19) then the other scene in the promo is one year after the 7x19. Mona is controlled by AD.
As for the dollhouse she is the first one kidnapped. Then Spencer and maybe the others

7- maybe WREN IS THE OTHER MASK. Maybe he was the one doing Archer with Ali at the hospital. Coz in the sneek peek we see a different archer. Vulnerable and sweet with Charlotte… i hope Archer is Wren s brother. And we will know more about his family. I hope wrens father was in radley. So wren knew Mary and Charles/Charlotte from his childhood 😊

8. ADDISON IS THE FULL CIRCLE : Marlene talked a lot about a full circle. She also talked about an happy ending but the universe of Rosewood will still be open.
Addison is in the final with her friends. She seems to bother Jenna. She Already bothered Emily and Alison Paige. It sound like a story we all know. Where Ali was playing with olders than her ( Ian Cece Melissa) blackmailed Byron (as addison blackmailed Emily) . Lot of similarity.
I think the show will end by ADDISON MISSING. Or a newspaper with her face missing or murdered. Just like it begun in 2010. A newspaper with Ali Missing.

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Just hit me. The person "attacking" Spencer isn't Mary. That will be one of the masks that Marlene was talking about. She'll think it's Mary, and they'll hug like we saw because she'll think she's out of jail or something and then the person will stab her or inject her with something or whatever it is they're doing.

Not a bad idea at all! Everyone is pretty confused as to how she’s out, so this could very well be it

10 Reasons to Love: Mari Ohara

1: It’s joke.

2: She is gorgeous. 

3: She is an excellent cook.

4: Protect her smile.

5: Kanan’s boobs make her feel secure.

6: She has a wonderful voice.

7: She is super gay for Kanan.

8: She loves groping boobs in general.

9: Her BROTP with Yohane.

10: She is precious. 

Since people seemed to like my Riko post, I decided to make one for my second best girl, Mari. I’m thinking about making one of these for each girl. 


Another cheerleader set AND no Riko UR?! KLAB WYD. They didn’t even release the high quality idolized cards. 🙄 I see a blue ponytail so maybe Kanan is the other half!?!111!1!134!!2016!!28430!!!1!1!

10 Reasons to Love: Kanan Matsuura

1: She’s gorgeous.

2: She puts up with Mari snuggling her boobs in the middle of the night.

3: She is a great surfer and diver.

4: She has a wonderful voice.


6: Protect her smile.

7: She is super gay for Mari.

8: The face she makes when being teased by Mari.

9: Her eyes.

10: She leads the H̶a̶p̶p̶y̶ Gay Party Train.