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So… I have a theory.

Emma Swan’s history sucks. It really does. Shall we run through it?

-Left to fend for herself at infancy

-Was almost adopted, but sent back because the couple had their own kid

-Spent her life in foster care

-Made one friend, who turned out to have been lying to her for the entire duration of their friendship

-Had to resort to stealing when she was 17 and a runaway

-Fell in love with a guy who knocked her up and then left her alone and in prison after she took the fall for his crimes

-Had to give up her child at age 18

-Was helped to find her past by a bailbondswoman who died in the process of helping her

-Was brought to a small town by her supposedly insane son a decade after she gave him up

-Falls in love

-The man is murdered

-Is not allowed to see her son for almost a year

-Is reunited with her family

-Almost dies several times

-Finds the father of her son, falls back in love with him, and loses him

-Finds love again

-Leaves town and almost gets engaged

-Her almost-fiancé tries to kill her and she kills him in self-defense 

-Watches (or thinks she watches) her mother die

-Gets a new little brother who never has to go through what she did and always has their parents’ love

-Is not able to connect with her parents as she feels she should be able to

-Gives up her soul to save a friend

-Nearly loses the love of her life

-Makes a deal with the devil on her love’s behalf to save his life

-Her true love hates her guts and tries to kill her and her family

-She has to murder her true love

-Finds her true love in the underworld beaten, bloody, and tortured

-Rescues her true love and finds out that he is her one and only soulmate

-Loses her soulmate

-Rescues her soulmate again

-Nearly loses her son

-Her family gets abducted by an insane man with dissociative identity disorder

-Her best friend loses her mind

Okay. Her life sucks. Most people would deal with depression after that, right? Makes sense, doesn’t it? Okay. You want to know the reason she doesn’t?

The scientists say depression is genetic. She doesn’t have depression BEACAUSE HER MOTHER IS SNOW WHITE

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Those are just the examples I could find in 10 minutes. Honestly. I mean, I guess the woman just stares in the face of mental health logic and goes